Please change the iron sights on the Helbore pattern Lasguns

I was embarrassed to find out that the Helbore iron sights actually do closely resemble those of a lot of WWI battle rifles. That said, I would like to request that the Helbore’s iron sights be swapped out for an aperture sight of some kind.

As pictured, the sights on the Garand, M1917, or Enfield No 5. would be a great help in rapid target acquisition in the chaotic Darktide environment. The current Helbore sights are adequate but they don’t feel good. I think an aperature sight would make the rifle much smoother and more elegant to use while still being appropriate to the Guard aesthetic and the short engagement ranges in Darktide.

That’s my piece. Thanks for your time.

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They really really don’t. The image you posted is of a front and rear sight from too far away. They don’t resemble a real sight picture at all. With your eye in line with the sights on a mosin it is perfectly usable. The Lucius’s rear sight is staring through the channel on an attachment rail where an optic is intended to be mounted. There should be a rear sight but there isn’t.


At least adding a small green dot on the sight would add a lot, the game is too grey-greenish and seeing where the sight is exactly is a pain


They need dramatically better sights. There’s also really no reason for them to have such obnoxious ready-time. And the Mk3 really really should have a scope, and be capable of far more damage. Or just lower it’s ammo consumption, if you want to be boring.

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I would prefer to see proper hotshot packs/hotshot lasguns added over boosting lucius damage and pen. But they do need a little something to make them all decent.

Bayonets need to be better melee weapons while we are at it.

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Luminescent dot on all of the iron sights would work wonders in helping me stop getting confused and putting the taller side pins on the target and shooting off to the side like an idiot :upside_down_face:


yes, this should be on all guns and a pale green light wouldn’t seems weird in this game visual design.

Yeah if proper ‘snipers’ come to the game, sure. There’s no real reason for the absurd ammo cost on the Mk3 though, as the damage is not significantly better. I also don’t quite get why there isn’t a larger difference in the uncharged damage. I think the Mk2 might even have better uncharged damage than 1 and 3, which totally makes no sense.

It’s also difficult to understate how much a long ready time can screw you over. It also makes it nearly impossible to play ‘active vet’, because if you’re right in the middle of things, there’s no way you have time to swap to your helbore to pop an important elite or special quickly.

Ironically the slug shotty is the most effective 1HK sniper in the game right now, because you can instantly swap to it and crit headshot for absurd damage.

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Yeah - I’m quickly falling in love with this. It’s a lot of fun. Whenever I can, I make sure to keep a slug loaded in the chamber, so if I quick swap to it and need to snipe a special it’s ready to go.


Yeah all slugs all the time. The only times I ever fire the regular round is in full panic mode, or if I know a quick ‘regular tap’ will finish off an enemy after the initial slug.

It’s unfortunate that there are no usable crit blessings for it, so I run the ‘standard’ Full Bore + No Respite, and then crit perk and Deadshot.

Which should give 40% crit. Higher would be amazeballs, but 40% is enough that you get plenty of those nice big chunky headshots.

With +unarmored and +flak i can reliably tag heads after any stack of fullbore on shooters out to a reasonable distance on my zealot. I prefer the lawbringer for its normal shots to be honest but the slug is so good i can’t really return to the lawbringer in most cases.

If the lawbringer had more ammo i actually would switch back. The slug is just efficient.

As far as the Helbore sights go, there really is no rear sight. I get that they want to keep the WW1 feel, but they did so poorly. I think something as simple as the sights on the auto gun would be an improvement over what we have now, maybe just change it up some with a ghost ring peep sight.



Though the option of a reflex sight like the lasgun or laspistol would be better for gameplay.

I’d also like to add that all irons besides the helbores also need tritium highlights, especially if FS is going to stick with having most guns obscure half your screen like they currently do.

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