Let us put sights/scopes on ranged weapons

The Kantrael lasgun is essentially the best gun in the game RN solely because of its sights, IMO. Can we get confirmation that full release will allow us to swap sights around for different guns?



Next patch should definitely include some sort of moddable weapons thing. Not having the option of various types of scopes on weapons in the 41st millennium is just ridiculous. I don’t even really care if it breaks the lore - none of us are rolling dice where being able to see clearly doesn’t matter.

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I have no idea what gear / weapon customisation is not a thing.
We’re playing WH40k, right?
Don’t tell me shop skins is all we’d get…

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think we should get

laser/light Variation (Either signal your aiming to teammate or illuminate area for your team.

Read Dot,Holo,4x Scopes, iron sight.

also ammo consumption per shot to increase damage. (LasGun)