Swapping Sights, Alt fires, et cetera

Hello there!
I think it’d be a good idea to let us customize our weapons a little more. Skins are nice and all that, but it feels a little off that only some guns have bayonets, while others have really anemic sights (I’m looking at you, Lucius). It might be an interesting progression once you actually hit level 30 with a character - and it’d actually make it viable, for instance, to take out a Lucius lasgun on Power outage if I’d be able to attach a torch to it. Some weapons might be limited in that regard (you could for instance have three/two customization points for weaker guns like Autoguns, one for stronger weapons like the boltgun). It’d give another possibility for balancing, but also make it possible for players to compensate for weaknesses their gear has. A reflex sight on the Lucius, a torch on the Boltgun, a Bayonet on the Kantrael. Things like that.


What, being able to attach a torch to a gun? That’s crazy talk :slight_smile:

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This really should have been a core feature - let me over-mod my boltgun with 16+ attachments and an optic besides the iron sights please

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+1 for Warhammer 40,000: Escape from Atoma Prime, and blinding ranged mobs with 16 flashlights mounted around the handguard.

Seriously though, some basic weapon modding, which was visually represented on the gun in your hands (attaching flashlights for blackout missions, extended mags for autoguns, laser pointers for hip fire, some basic optics) would be lovely.


Wait until you hear about optics. Apparently guns can get round tube things that make it much easier to hit a target. Sounds crazy to me.


Yeah out of all the issues I’ve noticed with the game, this one is the one that I’ve never vocalized until now. If we’re playing a shooter, do like the shooters do and let us put sights and knives and flashlights and underbarrel grenade launchers on our guns! Doesn’t have to be Tarkov or anything.

All the autoguns have perfectly good picatinny rails and we’re firing from the hip like Rambo lol.

and don’t even get me started on those karking sights for the Lucius… the first thing I would mod… I’d hollow out a food ration can and stick that on top to look through, it’d still be better

Especially with the blackout modifier (and potentially others), being able to put different attachments on our guns would be useful.