Weapon attachment request

Howdy! MisterShovels here. Big fan overall of Darktide and I’m excited to see it flourish into something awesome in 2023.

I’m requesting either a roadmap or an actual dev response to weapon attachments in the game! Previous communication has been a bit confusing and there never really was a static “Yes or No” answer to the question, so figured I’d make (another) post about it, and since this is a gameplay feedback forum, I’d like to suggest my own take! Nothing crazy advanced, but even letting us slap sights from the laspistol or lasgun onto other rifle-based weapons.

For reference, you can see some sights are separate entities that are attached to various weapons.

I think this would greatly enhance how people choose weapons, as some weapons feel like they are tailor made to have sights attached to them, like the lucius pattern lasguns as seen here, and many of the ADS style autoguns!

I think something as simple as having it associated in the appearance tab would be ideal, as at the moment that is the same area we go to attach different things to our weapons.

and before the inevitable comparisons to other games, I’m not suggesting attachments that drastically change the functionality of a weapon, like a barrel swap that would increase damage or something. Just an option to add sights to make the overall experience on other weapons feel more comfortable and player friendly!

Anyway just my thoughts on how to add something like this to the game, hopefully it’s found to be fruitful, and with some hope we may see something like this added in the (hopefully not too distant) future.



Unfortunately those are just the remnants of an attachment system they abandoned pretty early on despite drumming up how customizable weapons would be, with scopes and sights, flash lights and the like. The game launched without any customization and no hint at customization. When asked where this feature went Hedge declared that ‘this isn’t CoD, nor was it designed to be CoD’. I guess we just have to wait for them to slowly fix the outright terrible or outright misaligned iron sights one at a time, and forget seeing in the dark.


whats the evidence that it was abandoned though? We see plenty of weapons in the game that sorta have attachment systems in place. I’m under the impression that it might not be implemented, but it certainly exists in some capacity in the engine itself. Heck we have dongle attachments.

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Because the Community Manager stated that “This isn’t CoD, nor was it designed to be CoD.”

Whether or not this was their brain malfunctioning, and them going off on a tangent that is not in line with Fat Shark’s intentions for the game, or whether this is the actual development team’s stance on the matter, dispite their earlier communications, remains to be seen.

This is why I keep pressuring them to talk to their community more, and be more open about what the hell they’re doing to this product, but, thus far, no dice.

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I agree they should def talk to their community more, but honestly Hedge and Aqshy both have… questionable knowledge of the actual implementation of the engine and changes/mechanics therein. In a previous community post, their was a number of buffs/changes that just weren’t accurate or were misrepresented for one weapon instead of being for a different one, like the heavy sword changes that suggested to be for the eviscerator. Even the comment of “This isn’t CoD, nor is it designed to be CoD” doesn’t actually answer the question of “Can we change flashlights to bayonets’ or add sights to other weapons?”. It’s a weird deflection, albeit not the most tactful of ways to word it. Like we could say the same thing about CyberPunk or GTA:O. Those games also aren’t CoD, but the point remains that that doesn’t answer the question of “Can I customize weapons in CyberPunk or GTA:O”. If the answer was a definitive “No” then why not just say “No, you can’t customize weapons” then?

Anyway, I’ve made my suggestion for how to fix it, hopefully the devs see it and we can get a definitive answer :slight_smile:


This interview, specifically this part

So with no hint at customization, and nothing to put on your weapons, and Hedge’s extremely condescending and dismissive comment when asked about it, I’d assume it’s abandoned.


See this is the issue, we have two non-answers about weapon attachments. We have a statement from someone who isn’t Hedge saying you can add scopes and accoutrements, and then we have Hedge not saying in exact words that you can’t do that, also see my previous statement about the Community Managers, who I would be remised to say have an absolutely horrible job and I’m glad I don’t have to do it lol. I don’t think Hedge or Aqshy are the final arbiters of truth about what can and can’t be done in the game, because they’ve been wrong a number of times on various different topics and have had to edit posts and comments regarding changes.

So my hope is it isn’t “Dead” but maybe just put away until its ready! It would be great if the devs would respond, and if they don’t then I have my suggestions posted here :saluting_face:

Don’t hold your breath, you hopeful lad. You’re going to turn blue far before humanity learns the basics of effective communication.


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you’re probably right lol, regardless I’d rather keep the conversation going and hopefully garner enough attention for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about to say something :crossed_fingers:

I’ve been waiting for the Vs news that is ‘coming soon’ for like 3 years now? Its not exactly a new phenomenon with these guys.

Im not familiar with that one honestly, what’s Vs?

A PVP mode that puts player-controlled pactsworn vs heroes. Something gimmicky that could have its own community and meta.

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I like how the versus page on their website is still live as an advertisement, like its ever coming lol


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+1 for at the very least, optics for guns with ADS.

It’s probably my biggest gripe with darktide. Not that I like that much else about the game, but I really hate the lack of optics.


its the one thing about Combat that I feel like needs improving, Melee feels great, ranged with some weapons feels great, but then there’s a bunch where it feels awful because you can’t really see anything. I feel like giving us the ability to tinker with sights and flashlights would be a massive improvement to overall enjoyability of combat.

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I hope we get attachments, but I understand there’s more important things to work on currently.

In my mind, I think attachments should carry the stats, perks, and blessings. Something like 5 attachments per weapon. Each modifies adds to a single stat 0% to 20%. 2 can have 0 or 1 blessings, 2 can have 0 or 1 perks.

So a Recon Lasgun could have:

Beam Emitter: 0-80% to Damage, may have 0 or 1 blessings.
Frame/Stock: 0-80% to Mobility, may have 0 or 1 blessings.
Sight: Adds 0-80% Stability, may have 0 or 1 perks, and a real sight (2x, 4x, iron, whatever).
Energy Cell: Adds 0-80% Ammo, may have 0 or 1 perks.
Barrel Attachment: Adds 0-80% Collateral, and a real attachment (flashlight, bayonet, etc).

The idea being you can remove and transfer these components to different weapons.

Probably too complex.

they could easily implement attachments that do add buffs or debuffs if needed for balancing, as adding parts would decrease mobility or ADS speed.

Dont know why some Traitor Regiment got better equipment than the inqusition, and then they ask why the empire is losing Tertium.


Game artists tend to be really , really, highly skilled artists. The compliment out of the way, here comes the complaint.

Games artists are very often some of the worst engineers in the history of the world. They will get a book full of gun pictures, make note of the items /shapes /patterns in the pictures, and put it in a ‘grab bag of gun things’ then try to sprinkle them on like salt and pepper to anything they cook up.

So, when you see a picatinny rail on the side of the weapon and think ‘accessory attachment point’ the dev who put it there sees 'weapon flavor additive #5.

This image is from Far Cry 4. It is an AK-47, and the AK-47 in real life was not originally designed to take a optic. The top is a thin metal ‘snap on’ dust cover, so the solution was to attach a rail to the side, which would hold an arm over the top, which would hold an optic.

Every AK is Far Cry 4 is identical to this one, (with one exception special reward item with attachments) and none of them will take an optic. You can see ‘attachments’ crossed out, because it’s not modifiable like other guns are.

And yet… every single AK in the game… has an after market scope mount. Every single one has an after market special -need to take the time to get it, drill it, attach rail, slide mount onto rail… scope mount. And you can’t put a scope on any of them.

Now, that said, Fat shark has listened to out complaints about weapon engineering, so I think pretty well of them for that, and I really hope they will work out a system of attachments, still, I hope this post will give you some idea of how people who don’t know guns but have to put them in art actually -think- about them.


they need to add attachment like what you got there, i would be willing to pay in game money, crafting mats for the benefits of the Customization of weapons, Scopes and Lights and mags kind of need to be in the game, as the currrent weapons copes are okay but not quiet right. especially for the Veteran who is basically the range specialist. as he has no perk no benefit to acutally being in range, give the classes a bit of freedom to Customizes our weapons.


I’d settle for just being able to swap out sights/optics and swapping between flashlights/bayonets (+ Different types).

I don’t need anything more than that.