Weapon attachments

While its understandable that melee weapons pretty much come as is, it seems kind of offputting that there’s nothing you can do to make your guns a bit more…you friendly? What I’d give for a red dot sight on my bolter, or the ability to swap out my flashlight for a bayonet on my lasgun. Please consider it.


I’d rather attach a better sight on a bolter than a fancy trinket.
Hopefully that’s something that could be considered within the crafting system or anything else.

Necromunda Hired Gun has some interesting weapon customization options. (just as an example)

(Are weapon attachments actually planned in DT?)

100% this. The game has a variety of ranged weapons that might fit better in players hands with a bit of personal tuning. I would love a glow-dot sight for a lasgun versus the big green dot it has now, or a bayonet on the shotgun or autogun where you find yourself in proximity more often. We’ve also seen snipers with laser sights.

Having flashlights default to all weapons would be nice too, especially if they’re going to have visual obstruction conditions in the pool.

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Apparently, weapon “mods” is something they’re looking at and might (or might not) be included in the game.
Based on that Twitch question.
(thanks to @plaviout in another thread for that info!)


I know I’ve been deeply disappointed that none of my preferred autoguns have a bayonet attached. That’s to say nothing of the almost Borderlands-bad ironsights on them.

I want them to look harder at this.

Agree with all above. I hope they will implement that, otherwise having a mission modifier (lights out) where a flashlight is important but being restricted to only one specific gun is a strange design choice to say at least.