Can we have purchaseable (in game currency) sights for guns?

Right now the only gun that has a kinda sorta sight on it is the Infantry lazgun. Every other gun is iron sights only, and in a future where people are cyborgs and ships travel through other dimensions to get places, guns not having sights on them that are high zoom, detailed weakpoint targeting, grafted into your f’n head or at least attachable simple ones seems hilarious.

The game already feels odd in that it’s so melee based in the 40,000th millennium. (I once made a comment in Aliens: Fireteam about how maybe people could have melee weapons and got roasted for thinking someone would bring a knife to a gunfight; now here it is centuries further into the future and people are going back to basics xD). The least we could have are guns that, on top of their power or versatility in firing shots, aid you in LANDING said shots accurately.

Ideas also come to mind for other classes, like an Auspex based enemy locator (again, a cybernetic implant) that would allow the Psyker to see the strongest targets and thus aim their Brain Bursts more accurately and other such concepts. I know Games Workshop wants you to follow the lore, but cybernetics ARE in the lore of 40k, so working within that should be possible.

…plus I don’t think they would say people don’t use sights on their guns in the future, or at least I hope not.


Wouldn’t be surprised if we get cash shop gun skin that changes sight…etc. first.
(like in destiny 2)

“now here it is centuries further into the future and people are going back to basics xD”
Tell me you don’t understand 40k lore without telling me just that.


40k lore? I won’t tell you that, but… yeah, explain it to me. I’d appreciate it.
Why in the now, do people think even carrying a melee weapon like a knife or tomahawk is a sin when there are guns to be used, but in this super far flung future, it’s way more common?
Just so you understand, I don’t think it has all that much to do with 40k lore so much as game design.

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No you already told me that.
40k has been through a ton of regression due to fall of humanity(part of why ogryn exists).

It’s absolutely central to the lore; learn it, don’t expect spoonfeed.

" people think even carrying a melee weapon like a knife or tomahawk is a sin" - prove it
Knife…etc. can be utility tool.

They had said weapon attachments would be a thing.

That was confirmed in a post.


Badly need at least a reflex sight for the Helbore Lasgun…
While charging the glow covers the ironsight so your vision is impaired… Good luck aiming.
Not using it as much because of it.

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While it’s a very long story, the short answer is that technology in the 41st millenium has regressed to a point where people no longer truly understand it, meaning that the simple act of turning on a cogitator (40ks equivalent of a computer) is a ritualized undertaking involving candles, incense and prayers to the machine spirit of said cogitator, which will, during some point of it, involve pressing a button a very specific way. The fact that to turn on the cogitator actually only requires pressing that button is unknown to humanity.

In fact, most humans don’t even have that amount of understanding and have to rely on people like Hadron (so called Tech Priests - the clue is in the name) to maintain their equipment for them. Modifying or wrongly treating technology is considered so called tech-heresy, which is the reason why there is next to no technological progress in the Imperium. In the end, it would probably be possible to attach a sight to a gun, but it’s nothing that is easily done and would likely require the tech priest to conduct a ritual to actually make sure the machine spirit of neither the gun nor the sight is offended.

No, I’m not kidding.

Oh, as for Melee: The advent of effective body armor that protects well against most infantry-sized guns actually made Melee a significant part of 40k. Flak Armor for the imperial guard is capable of turning a lasbolt from a regular infantry-sized lasgun into a hurting bruise on the longest engagement ranges, while better armor (Carapace armor for elite soldiers or possibly even Power Armor for some very elite groups) shrugs off even massed lasfire (or autogun fire, even though autoguns are more of a backstop measure compared to the lasgun). Add to that the fact that most enemies of the imperium tend to have significant counters to ranged weapons (armor for instance, supernatural speed for others, holofields that make them basically invisible or, in the case of the Nurgle-aligned chaos forces we’re fighting in Darktide, just superhuman amounts of toughness because of Warp (read: Magic) fudgery, and suddenly a chainsword becomes a very coveted weapon.

Also: Don’t think that melee is completely absent from modern battlefields either. Trenches, ambushes, and urban warfare make melee something one should never underestimate. There’s a reason soldiers still carry a sidearm and/or a knife or bayonet with them.

I completely agree weapons should be customizeable. I even started a post about it here:

Proof. …Might require some reading. When I say people flipped out, I meant it. I even referenced some stories told by real soldiers as to how some people would carry things like a knife or tomohawk, but never used them, and people disregarded it as pointless.

As for me being spoonfed and all that about the lore. This isn’t a fight you know. If you are unwilling to explain your claim, then I have no choice but to assume you don’t actually have any basis for it. I know some 40k lore, not all. If you think you know something I don’t, then feel sure enough about it to try to tell me I’m wrong based on what you know, THEN refuse to explain what it is you know… what am I supposed to think?

If you know something, spill it. I’m here for discussion; preferably the friendly type. Talk to me. And if not, that’s fine too. Just as long as you understand saying, ‘You don’t know what I know and I’m not gonna tell you either!’ doesn’t really clarify your point.

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Pretty sure this is just a cut feature that we will get at some point.

Weapon attachments are lore-accurate. Practically every infantry rifle, including the default cadian Kantrael, should be able to fix a bayonet. Cadian miniatures in the tabletop game are shown to have bayonets and sometimes even telescopic sights even if they don’t in the game. Books with imperial guard soldiers in them mention said soldiers using flashlights in dark areas.

The reason the vast majority of imperial guard soldiers don’t get these things is because it would be too expensive to make holographic sights standard issue. This is why lucius pattern lasguns are so simplistic and have only iron sights, they are meant for mass production to arm Death Korps soldiers expected to die by the million. More experienced veterans and stormtroopers like cadian Kasrkins have the clout to requisition more equipment if their mission calls for it.

In Darktide we play as agents of the inquisition. Faceless nigh-disposable agents, but agents nonetheless. The simple fact that we can get our hands on more than one type of lasgun and a melee weapon better than a mass produced entrenching shovel shows that we have access to resources well beyond a normal guardsman. Most guard officers and veterans could only dream of owning a bolter and/or a powersword. So weapon attachments are well within the cards IF we can prove ourselves worthy of them.

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I had to kill a Plague Ogryn with a knife, throw me a bone here!

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Cite the post #.

It’s not a fight; you’re not at the level to be able to fight, it would only be me giving you a beatdown if anything.
You’re trying to talk about lore in a 40k game while having no idea about 40k lore…
I literally told you the keywords, your refusal to look it up is just you acting out of bad faith.

Its a bit of a joke that we have no optics options. Ogryn doesnt even have access to a light source.

Feels like the weapon system was poorly ripped from VT2 and cosmetics made to be their own submenu. I had expected more.

Could you refrain from gatekeeping please? Nobody started as a 40k lore vet. I gave him some explanations. It’s okay to ask, and it’s even more okay to help people get invested into the lore you apparently love so much. If you don’t want to explain that’s fine too, but don’t accuse someone of acting out of bad faith because they asked a (very legitimate, I might add) question about something instead of reading through hundreds of reference filled obscure wiki pages.

40k lore is not easily understood. It doesn’t help if the community tries to keep out newbies.

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Can you refrain from hiding behind accusation of gatekeeping?

What’s next, you want people who struggle at Malice to suggest balance ideas for Damnation to make it “accessible” to them?
I gave him keyword; I’ll accuse him of whatever I want since he refused to even try to google. (you have no right to demand anyone to dedicate minutes explaining to you what you could have googled up in a fraction of a second)

40k is very easily understood(at least the parts that pertains to why melee is a thing); you don’t need to read every book to get it.
People who don’t want to learn yet think their opinion should be considered deserve to be kept out. If telling someone to understand the lore before making a fool out of himself further is called gatekeeping(it’s not), I’ll gatekeep all day every day.

So yeah, you can’t shame people into silence by accusing them of gatekeeping, deal with it. Your heart’s tied down by gravity and it shows.

I just want the autogun iron sights on the Kantrael lasgun.

at this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if they meant the twin linked Flashlight and the Lucius Bayonet with that.

I am not hiding.
You are gatekeeping. If he actually had demanded an explanation, you might have been correct, but the only thing he did was to ask politely about something he did not understand. Asking doesn’t make you entitled, asking makes you curious. Would you suggest that a kid that asks you why you boil water look it up instead? No, you wouldn’t. It’s completely fine you don’t feel like answering his question, that, in fact, is your right. It is not your right to accuse him of being entitled because you feel like you are superior in knowledge.

And no. 40k is not easily understood. The explanations for why melee is a so important thing are hidden in mountains of lore, which can however be easily summed up by the text I wrote. Plus: You gave him exactly one keyword, that one being regression. Regression doesn’t show up as a keyword in the 40k-wiki, at least not as a page title. Do you expect him to read every page containing the word? Is he entitled because he didn’t? No. Besides the point that technological regression doesn’t have anything to do with melee prevalence (or at least only to a degree), you decided to hide behind your wall of “You don’t understand 40k lore, therefor I am superior”. Check your first response to this post if you want to see what I mean.

I am also not trying to “shame you into silence”. I am politely asking from stopping to make a fool out of yourself. Just like you claim to do with him.
It’s not my heart that’s weighed down, it’s yours. You’re misappropriating the quote by the way: Char doesn’t refer to anyone who disagrees with him, he uses it to refer to people so set in their old ways that they don’t see what they’re doing to the world and the people around them. Probably best to read up on your Gundam lore, I’d say. /s

HOWEVER, I suggest if you want to continue this discussion, we do it via private message. This is going seriously offtopic.

Weapon customization needs to be a thing!

You are hiding.
You don’t understand the simple fact that I’m not afraid of gatekeeping; hence your accusation is entirely irrelevant. I’ll “gatekeep” however I want. I don’t care about your made-up definition of it.

He asked, I told him regression.
Do you think he is a little kid? Patronizing much?

Prove “mountain” of lore instead of just fraction of second of google result.
Your google ability is lacking; all you had to do was search “why 40k melee.” Or even look into origin of ogryn…as I mentioned; you cherrypicked your failure at searching for “regression” while ignoring rest of that sentence just to pretend to have something to talk back to.

You’re the one making a fool out of yourself, actually. And you think what you are weak against would work on me. Pathetic.
“he uses it to refer to people so set in their old ways that they don’t see what they’re doing to the world and the people around them” - shows your lack of self awareness perfectly
I can use it to imply you’re overweight too, btw.
Probably best to read up on your Gundam lore, I’d say.

Get some help, because you’re bringing shame to Char Aznable name.

I’m not letting you hide your shame in PMs.

Guy with anime picture doesn’t want to waste time explaining something simple that would’ve taken 2 minutes, to a lore newbie, but prefer to waste time flaunting his ‘massive knowledge’ (which so far was: just google it, I just know more than you).

I tend to see really knowledgeable people prefer to actually write up mountains of lore just to show that they can, instead of saying ‘google it, I’m not going to explain’. And they actually want to engage in a competition of knowledge, and debate the ins and outs just to prove that they are more knowledgeable than the other guy.

So far you’ve done none of that.

Just another internet troll, move along people.


Aight sir. You go on about your day then, thinking you’re too OP to even talk to.

Have fun.

EDIT: I typed this before I saw you saying I was ‘hiding’ somehow. I don’t haunt this forum like you apparently do. I said it in my first reply to you; this is NOT A FIGHT. I’m not squaring off with you, looking for some internet punchup. xD What are you even doing? PLEASE go get a life, touch some damn grass outside and enjoy a few days off the computer. It seems like you need it.