Headhunter rifles, a small change to ironsights maybe?

The changes to headhunters seem to make them usable, thanks !

The thing I would propose for headhunter rifles is a small change to iron sights to adjust it to its stated name.
The current iron sight shared with rifles makes it a bit difficult to read for head shots, the groove is too small to read quickly in the game pace.

If possible, adjust it to something like that :

Maybe with a colored tip (like a rugged dull red, no need for a fancy bright stuff).
This would just make it way more readable and I think would go along with the name of the gun.


i would say, give us a scope or laser pointer with it.


scope, or a red dot, or glowie irons would be nice

How bout a big friggin change instead, swap those iron sights out for an optic. Thats what i would like to see at least.


Most other guns have a white painted foresight, those guns that rely on aiming have a terrible foresight.

Give us some thing like a **red /\ ** as a foresight for these precision based weapons !

At this point since they’re obviously not going to add weapon modifications I would be happy with just a bright dot (color doesn’t matter, if that’s customizable that would be nice), just so I can properly aim in the dark


When does that happen ?
how difficult is it to change the color of the foresight at least ?

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Imagine a prisoner going to the quartermaster in the 41st millennium asking for a simple optic for his rifle, and the quartermaster’s like: 'nah mate, best I can do for you is a bolter or a powesword, no optics though. Not even a red dot!"

Is this lore accurate @Dexta ?

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