Weapon Sights

Look, i know you don’t owe me an answer, but i really would like to know why we won’t get different weapon sights.

Of course, by now i heard about the whole alleged snippy answer of “this isn’t CoD”, but it isn’t Vermintide either. It makes sense for poor sights in Vermintide, but in 40k?

Look, the thing is this… i really would love to use the Headhunter guns, but i find it very difficult to accurately aim with the Iron Sights provided. You have a one shot Headhunter Gun, that seems to be meant to “Snipe” enemies or be at least some Marksman Rifle, but at the same time i find it very difficult to line up shots in a fashion that they reliably hit weakspots across the room.

Compared to say the Kantrell, where i have no issue with doing so, because the sight seems accurate and i know where to line up properly, i do not feel the same is the case for the Vraks Mk VII Headhunter Autogun. I have the same issue with the Bolter. The Bolter’s Ironsights work better for me than the Headhunters, but the Bolter also doesn’t need to necessarily hit the weakspot on the head to kill.

With the Headhunter i do need that headshot to reliably kill specials and shooters hiding behind barrels. It is very hard to gauge where the shot will go and where i have to “line up” the shot with the ironsights of that gun.

And thus my question is… can’t we get some way to get more sights in? It is just some sights work for me and some don’t… and i really would love the ability to take the sights that work for me and put them on weapons where it doesn’t.

Is there some technical limitation why this cannot be done? Is there anything beyond the “this isn’t CoD”? (I hope that is just a rumor, given that a lot of pre-release promotion talked about how you can customize your gun sights and such ).

Oh and while i hopefully have your attention for a brief second… could we maybe get a weapon charm that is a Chemlight? Maybe a few colors (because you know people would ask for it if you added a chemlight)… you know it would just be a glowstick you attach to the guns like the Charms you can unlock. That way Ogryns and the like wouldn’t need to complain about none of their guns having lights in Darkout missions and everyone could have a light source and you wouldn’t need to worry about attachments like Flashlights and the like.

Anyway, i really would like to know if this is a feature that is still planned or if it was removed, why was it decided against? What was the reason behind removing the plan to do this? Is it a technical limitation? And if so, could we get around it by giving different weapon skins different sights?

Is it a balance consideration? I really would love an answer for this.


I hope you get a real response from FS, but best guess it was cut for time.

I’d really like to see weapon customization too. Scopes, Lights, etc. I was hoping that gadgets would be equipment WITH modifiers, so an ammo satchel which increases your ammo capacity but also that also is blessed to gave you +10% to toughness, not just some bullet that is blessed to gives +10% toughness. Along the same line I was hoping we’d get weapon mods WITH modifiers, so 2x scope that also gave +5% crit chance or a flashlight that adds to your stamina.

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