Green dot on iron sight?

A dev the seems resonnably dimensioned to go as part of the quick fix and would really improve the gunplay experience for me would be a general improvement for assault rifles and lucius patern iron sight.

As of now they tend to block half the screen and offer a slightly dark point on a generaly dark environement, having some dot either as part of the weapon or the HUD and maybe a iron sight with less cluttering elements would be awesome.*

(I’m doing an exception for the bolter as it’s already quite powerfull and canoncly have a weird sight).


A green or white patch at the top of the iron sights wouldn’t be too much to ask lmao

This alone makes the Revolver’s ironsights S-tier in my opinion. So simple, yet so effective.


Yes please, redesign the iron sight to have pointed tip with bright colored dot / patch.


Yeh there’s a couple of the iron sights that are really bad and need some attention.


Don’t touch the bolter! He’s already great!


Listen to the performance artist!
Previous boltgun version was okey, but people whine too much on non-essential tweaks and here we are.
Remember how awesome was preview on mission, setting on safety… so much details from 3d artist gone wasted. Personally, i feel sorry we cannot commend unknown hero, who was made original 3d model of Boltgun!

yeah as I said I’m not asking for a change on the bolter, the lake of precision is a core design for me

So your point in short - tritium night sights with small pin or spire forward pin and widespread rear sight. Been checking in-game weaps, found many standard issue iron sights with pure white dots or stripes. Btw, revolver have only painted forward sight…wierd.
Vraks headhunter got none, while BRACED Graia Mk IV with no ability to ADS have points on back sight and strip on forward…

Anyway, it would be nice QoL upgrade, can’t argue with that.

So i get it, stupid me. Dev’s promissed customizable weapons, but something went wrong. No point for any discussion in such case.