Can we have purchaseable (in game currency) sights for guns?

i think adding a full attachment system would be better than just sights/scopes.

example adding light/bayonet on weapons but reduces 5% mobility, or going gun with no attachment but higher mobility.

Same goes for scopes.

The Thing is since 30k Humanity took back a lot of Planets, Systems etc.
Some of the Xenos they encountered were all about melee. So u can shoot em, but in most cases like Tyranids later they swarm u so hard, you need to have a melee Weapon or ur f´d. Nids have Ranged types and aswell. but the shoot/suppress you and the rest is going in for the kill close range

F. Ex.
Ranged Armor Piercing or Rending Weapons are rarer in the ranged Category for a not Astartes(Space Marine) for a single Person, so Melee Weapons with Redning etc. like power Sword are cheaper to produce, although also rare for normal Humans.

Melee Weapons are cheap, Guns require Ammo/ Logistics.

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I’m generally opposed to significant changes from attachments, but I’m totally in favor of attachments. I would really like to have both a light and a bayonet and an optic on a rifle type weapon. That said, the highest drag off that would be the bayonet, which has a bit of weight and length, a light and an optic are (well, usually) micro additions. (Giant moon scopes excepted.)