Plasma gun has WAY WAY too low ammo count even on Veteran

The gun is fun to use, though gimmicky. But it has two big issues:

  1. On Veteran the spare ammo is waaay too low. Way too low for how much ammo it eats on charged shots. It needs at least 4 times more spare ammo to be viable option to use. You can’ even allow yourself to shoot trash range enemies with it becasue it just has just too low ammo and since Darktide enemy meta is just hell tons of range enemies everywhere: it’s double bad.

  2. Charge shots eats to much magazine and overheat. It should take 4 fully charges shots before you empty mag and that should leave you (if you started from 0) at around 90% overcharge to count for middle-combat shots and have some heat room.

  3. Reload is way way too slow. Waaaay too slow. Even with both reload talents for 50% more reload speed it takes forever to reload this weapon. Reload should be 2x faster by default.

Apart from that plasma feels good and has nice feedback and sound effects. But ammunition and reload needs huge buffs.


I agree with Point 1, but 2 and 3 don’t bother me too much. I just wish the thing had splash damage of some kind. It’s beyond useless on anything other than single target.

Now that you mention it it strange that is has “explosions” effect but no splash damage. I would also welcome this change since the ammo cost really should justify some additional “omph!” on this weapon.

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Usually normal resupplies give 20% of the weapon’s ammo back, not including the magazine. Since ~half of the plasma gun rounds are in the magazine and aren’t counted, you’re effectively only getting back half the ammo you should be. I hope it’s considered a bug and fixed.

I came to the forums for some info and I was pretty surprised to find pple swearing by plasma gun.
I used it once and found it absolutely abysmal - it has no ammo, it deals little damage too slow, and it also heats up after a couple of shots!?

IMO: The ammo is not even close to being the bigger problem.

After you shoot 4~5 times you need to go melee against a horde because it becomes unusable. Make the loss of heat faster and the weapon can be decent.


The problem is not melee hordes, it’s the hordes of gun-toting cracked out las-sniping nurgle praising shooty boys that your team mostly relies on you to kill. On higher difficulties ( 4-5) you can easily get spawns of 20 or more of these guys + gunners and shotgunners and the plasma gun just doesn’t cut it, especially when it take 2+ uncharged shots to kill said specials, and sometimes doesn’t even 1 shot basic shooters depending on the variation you have.


Venting (V button) should not cause damage to the player and the heat per shot should be decreased.

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