Shotguns need more ammo

Just two more ammo for shotgun seven will make it 100 ammo storage and we can enjoy two ammo add-on kill buff aura for veteran. That will increase the gameplay quite a lot.


Perfect, I actually wanted to ask what everyone’s current opinions on shotties are, now.

Ever since I started using the agri on Zealot, I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s just so much fun quick swapping to it to pop something with a slug.

I still can’t say the same about the Lawbringer or Kantrael. I kinda like the raw stats of both guns, but always too low on ammo. Always unsure when the proper time is to use either of those

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Shotguns and revolvers need more ammos


I agree on shotguns needing more ammo.

For revolver I have an alternative idea; If you check the damage profile you will see revolver is a crit weapon.
So, how about adding “Charmed Reload” blessing variation on revolvers?

Charmed Reload = on every crit you receive back certain amount of bullets which are also loaded into your weapon


A blessing shouldn’t fix a weapon, Rev still need more ammo, even if it had Charmed reload

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I am neither a revolver nor a WH40K expert but I guess they wanted the revolver to feel like an actual revolver hence the 7 bullets.

Apparently most common revolvers have 5 to 9 bullets according to Quora but hey I have no idea what’s gonna happen 40k years from now! :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, I believe 9 bullets per load and Charmed Reload Blessing (revolver is a crit weapon) would offer a pretty balanced solution.

I don’t agree.
I don’t need to “reload” quicker, I just need ammos.


Shotguns have needed more ammo for as long as chain weapons have needed more basic attack effectiveness. Aka since game launch.

I dig them anyway but running out of ammo in every fight is a huge pain. Agripinaa is particularly good for zealot but i want to see some love for the lawbringer. I’m fine with the revolver in its current state. Its a quite handy and fun weapon and while it might be fun to have one with a speed loader i rather like loading one at a time and topping off so i can easily stay in the fight for key targets. Its not really a primary fighting weapon but it has value nowadays. Could use more in the reserve i think.


I would have though that the 6 rounds spinny thing (Cylinder is a lame word) would be the iconic one. There would be possible of Ammo differences with the other Variants.

But going back to the thingy at hand: Yeah Shotgun (And both Kickback+Rumbler) could use a somewhat substantial Ammo buff and an Ammo redistribution

Like afaik, Lawbringer has the lowest max ammo, followed by the Kantrael then Aggripnia

That should be reversed, Lawbringer bring the least utilities, so it should get a slight buff in total.

Or rework the Lawbringer special to be something better, cause flatter spread isn’t really exciting

Speed loader would only be available when you have 0 remaining rounds, where the other states would make it that you reload as you currently do (Making you choose between shooting to have the Speed loader, or reload early)

5 shot spinny things are for BIG boolet.

Could work.

Kantrael has lowest but is mostly a special stick anyway. Still needs more regardless.

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Revolver very much need an ammo buff so I can go back to and play my character Quorin “the bounty hunter” fulltime. He’s retired currently.

We also need Twin Revolvers, which would be awesome but not need new work on the modeling side

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Kantrael has really good buckshot damage, people sleep on using the gun’s normal shots. So long as you don’t hipfire it works well. It also has 2.0 hit mass in a shot instead of 1.3, so the incidence of Mr. Presidents on specials is pretty low. Especially since shotguns have a massive raycast and are almost impossible not to headshot with, like revolver, unless the servers go ‘lol’. I’m not sure how the math works on No Respite and Full Bore, and the damage calculator surely doesn’t either, but I can knock most of the specialists and elites out in 1-2 shots.

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Charmed Reload has nothing to do with reloading faster. It adds bullets in your current load which you can fire straight away without reloading.

In fact, just adding more bullets will make the weapon go into a longer downtime once you run out of bullets and you actually have to reload.
Next thing you know, someone will make a new thread called “reloading of revolver needs to be faster”.

That’s why my suggestion is 9 bullets and Charmed Reload for Revolver.
Shotguns should at least have 15 bullets per full load to be compareable to boltguns when using Veteran’s combat ability “Sustained Fire”
(Currently Agripina has 13, Kantrael has 9 and Lawbringer has 11)

By the way, I replied to your post solely because it was a good opportunity to share my idea. I am not arguing with you, I am not trying to convince you, your opinion is irrelevant to me.
Ofc, I am happy if more people contribute their ideas but I hold no-one’s opinion higher than the next guy’s. They are all welcome

that would be nuts.
I can see them selling “outlaw” “serif” and “cowboy culture appropriated” skins that somehow fit in the 40k universe if they ever add dual revolvers to the game xD

Honestly to keep the “Lawbringer” theme of Enforcer or what ever i think it should change the special to be a Bolt round.

For the Revolver, honestly I’d like to see one variant that let you exchange rounds for special ammo, which would be able to be stacked (Man-Stopper Bullets for example) or which bring a Power Fist to the table (Could work like the melee weapons, having the ability to do light or heavy attacs)

I use shotguns almost exclusively on both veteran and zealot.

The Kantrael has huge damage for an instant swap weapon. Switching from melee to that feels so smooth. I think the phosphor round mode is a bit of a gimmick IMO.

I tend to favour it on my zealot as it’s best as an in your face shotty. And I often do that ADS as the zoom time is tiny so why not.

The Agripiina I used for a long time on both classes, but I think I now prefer more on the vet than zealot as a sniper rifle. Always preload a slug because you’re aiming at heads anyway so why not.

The lawbringer… I don’t get. I assume it’s meant for horde stagger but there are better weapons for that, and its primary mode is worse than the other two being neither a tight spread for range nor high damage.

Do they need more ammo? I’m torn. I’d say more reserve ammo for sure esp on zealot, but not necessarily larger “clip” rounds or whatever the proper name is. The Kantrael has a base of 8 which is 8 shooter kills or a small group of elites.

Of course it’s easier on the vet, but then one might argue so is the game in general.

The revolver however… pfft. Meme weapon as it stands. That thing should feel like the magnum in half life if you remember that. Hits like a truck. Should stagger muties…!

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Thanks for explaining me something I knew… I use it on my heavy stubber
Fact is, it takes ammo in your reserve.
How to write it? Shotguns and revolver need more ammos, not quicker reload or bullet magically reloaded, just more ammos. Ammos reserves of these guns are too low to even think to a charmed reload blessing.

Agree about this.
Not more ammos in the clip, just an increase of ammos reserve of the shotguns (and revolver)

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Is there even anyone who thinks shotgun should not have more ammo and why?

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Genuinely here to see if anyone has the controversial opinions.

My experience with agri on zealot is that I think it might be right. Works fantastic as a backup weapon, but if i have to main it to clear a room I’ll run out fast, but that just means something went very wrong to begin with, no?

I do think how much reserves would be enough, is it fair to compare them to ripper guns?