Shotgun Ammo

All shotguns don’t have enough ammo across the board. This is especially noticable on Damnation+ where there are a dozen specials and a few legions of shooty bois in every other room you enter.

This becomes even more of a problem if you are on zealot and don’t have a sharpshooter in your team.

I would suggest increasing all shotgun ammo by at least 25%.


Ammo in shotguns should be buffed IMO - their ammo capacity should be baseline - only buffed by being a veteran (as conceptually it is really wonky to think that a tube fed shotgun’s tube is being extended or shortened) and the ammunition stat should be replaced with penetration or cleave.


I agree. Reload time and ‘clip’ size restrictions inhibit the shotgun from being an op rampage weapon.

I’m really unsure on shotguns right now. They’re fun for sure, and I can t5 with them, but they just don’t operate as I’m used to seeing in other games.

Normally game lore says a shotgun has a fair aoe effect but limited range. None of the shotguns we have are like that - they’re all pretty much single target; and when you ADS they suddenly behave like sniper rifles.

The special wide spread alt fire on the (kantrael??) variant is still pathetically narrow. Pointless IMHO. The incendiary shell I don’t think is worth the time to load. Only the slug seems interesting but that’s on the lowest damage shotty iirc. And the weird rng means sometimes pleb mobs can survive a body hit with standard fare.

That’s the lawbringer

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I had proposed 30%… we were close.
Even with a veteran you need ammos… the problem is here everytimes we meet guys that uses ammos consuming weapons and don’t care of others.
Today, 3 games with such players. 2 of them I ended dead with 0 ammos cause I could not pick any ammo. The 4th, when I have seen the player that was using the flamer at the first enemy, I have clicked “leave mission”. I started a new game and… again same team… again “leave mission”.
This is a nightmare to play a veteran without any ammo.

Every shotguns special are worth it.
The lawbringer, as a vet, is a good horde killer (less interesting as a zealot)
The Kantrael incendiary shell is great against bulwark and also against enemies grouped. thanks the great cleave.
The Agri is excellent to one shot everything, assuming a sniper role and also to stagger a bulwark and let him put on side his shield.

I find myself using the kantrael las rifle more and more because while it doesn’t hit as hard as the snub revolver I love so much or the bolter, or the shotty’s [ I love the kantrael since the damage output is akin to a plasma’s non charged shot] or plasma. you’ve got, damn near endless ammo in it on veteran. I mean hell; I can run a malice level mission, shoot most everything, pick up one, maybe two of the little ammo cans, and still have ammo left after the mission is finished.

The agri special shell is incredible and i love using it on the highest diffs with modifier. It can two shot most specials but the more important part is the extreme stagger it has. Bulwarks? No problem, just stagger them and finish them off in melee, or have your team kill them. If only I had more ammo to be able to pull it off :frowning:

also buffing the special shell on Flame round & horizontal scattershot would be great, or at least allow multiple loading of special rounds for those two.

I would also like a way (like special plus R) to take out the special shell if needed so you aren’t commiting your first shell to be horizontal if a special appear or mono slug if a hord arrive

I’d like to bring this back up as I feel all shotguns would benefit from having a much bigger ammo pool.