Chaos Wastes - Steam server connectivity crash

Hello, since Chaos Wastes come out the game kept crushing most of the crushes are that the game cannot connect to Steam server. I reinstalled Steam, game and even changed components in PC but it still crashes. Here are 5 last logs from today when i tryed to play with friends. thank you for your cooperation and help with resolving this issue.

console-2021-11-25-16.26.49-57ec5b1a-78c7-4d58-8c00-e95da4d578d8.log (307.1 KB)
console-2021-11-25-16.33.05-e7f94af0-23bf-4bf0-83a1-ad64545c0291.log (356.5 KB)
console-2021-11-25-16.37.00-c4836e8b-bc42-430a-98f7-972c2770ca92.log (232.5 KB)
console-2021-11-25-16.51.47-4dd8b7c5-88a6-473c-b288-a3e702c5e6a5.log (195.2 KB)
console-2021-11-25-16.55.40-f7c32650-451d-4059-94a9-b08b29d38ff1.log (615.4 KB)


Hi @Tierce, could you see if this improves with mods disabled - it looks like ‘Crosshair Kill Confirmation’ is causing some problems for you.

Yes, i have disabled and uninstalled all mods and problem still stands.

Some updated logs from me…after complytely uinstalling the game and deleting all of the leftover files the game runs fine…except for the Chaos Wastes. Tryed it with and without mods and the crushes still persists.

crash_dump-2021-11-28-15.27.33-50f544fc-94f5-4a35-a3e9-7351feb1d893.dmp (853.5 KB)
crash_dump-2021-11-29-16.34.41-a84c3414-a438-43e3-a2ec-e8a5354b5424.dmp (806.5 KB)
crash_dump-2021-11-26-10.15.47-bfa4865a-eaec-4206-a77b-f8b921780744.dmp (860.2 KB)

Today, normal game no mods

GUID: 87bcb2ed-89e7-49eb-953a-1a808d696147
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …stem/systems/behaviour/nodes/bot/bt_bot_shoot_action.lua:91: attempt to index local ‘base_attack_action’ (a nil value)

crash_dump-2021-11-30-07.41.23-dc2788ff-e01a-4cb8-932f-2b2f36a02087.dmp (812.6 KB)

That’s an unusual crash, I’ve added it to our database to be looked in to!

I will need the console logs also, please! :slight_smile:

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After today as on in this minute i have reinstalled the game and the crush again occured…it was while i was playing as Bardin Outcast Engineer.

GUID: 551acd6b-9656-4a7f-87ca-19b666299ce3
Log File:
Info Type:

crash_dump-2021-11-30-14.45.02-8322b38a-e23c-419c-bfe3-7f7129fc5304.dmp (927.4 KB)

Will be updating crash dump from %appdata% after every crash.

Latest crash today:
Looks like it crashes if there is Bardin as Engineer present in the game doesnt matter if as bot or player (host/connecting).

crash_dump-2021-12-03-19.26.49-746056a2-2351-4a2a-afee-1c1564b91934.dmp (801.1 KB)

Hello, I experienced crash due to, as game said, “too many buffs”.(what would be the middle one, the other too is somebody else crashing) during Chaos wastes run.
crash_dump-2021-12-03-10.07.10-a3273141-05b9-4fd4-851e-a99444f70145.dmp (604.9 KB)
crash_dump-2021-12-03-19.26.27-6506507d-9892-49f8-af43-26a16d8e2a6a.dmp (710.0 KB)
crash_dump-2021-12-03-20.30.47-17e2fc0e-b623-444d-b878-3e1d293fab9d.dmp (590.0 KB)

Best regards

Todays crash:

crash_dump-2021-12-08-14.47.31-f3ccbd62-ebef-4a17-974d-3b5cc3820b37.dmp (852.9 KB)

Console logs (or crash reports) instead, please!

console-2021-11-30-14.53.19-5fde08cf-197d-478e-98a8-38215f2dc4b4.log (1.6 MB)
console-2021-11-30-15.38.40-f01bfde5-c11d-4392-9abc-aaea328315b1.log (816.7 KB)
console-2021-11-30-15.58.38-019e841f-e840-40e3-94b0-b944545ae377.log (2.5 MB)
console-2021-11-30-09.15.20-3f0ee51c-7c91-4c3a-9d00-4b5cc0b6d346.log (2.0 MB)
console-2021-11-30-14.45.02-8322b38a-e23c-419c-bfe3-7f7129fc5304.log (333.2 KB)

console-2021-12-03-19.26.49-746056a2-2351-4a2a-afee-1c1564b91934.log (3.3 MB)
console-2021-12-03-20.24.01-ef0a82bf-d5b8-4da6-912d-71551c5b9d81.log (2.2 MB)
console-2021-12-03-21.00.07-99bae53c-351b-480c-b5a5-f32356914474.log (856.9 KB)
console-2021-12-08-14.47.31-f3ccbd62-ebef-4a17-974d-3b5cc3820b37.log (3.0 MB)

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