Crash on Chaos Wastes startup

Other normal game modes work. Have already done clean reinstall of graphics drivers, no other problems with PC.

This has been consistent since launch, I’ve periodically tried to launch a game every few weeks or so.

Here’s the report:
GUID: c9f42ca6-420a-406e-bd4e-a483e065bf93
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2021-06-26-21.09.33-fe394027-1718-4536-8271-81f7525af490.log (229.4 KB)

Console log attached.

Your installation appears to be incomplete/corrupted, please:

  1. Right-click Vermintide 2 in your Steam library sidebar
  2. Select ‘Properties’
  3. Select the ‘Local Files’ tab
  4. Select the ‘Verify the Integrity of Game Files’ button
  5. When complete, close and reopen Steam

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