Game crashed at the very end of Chaos Waste, wont let me launch anymore, even after verifying game files

Title kinda says it all, I was playing Chaos Waste on Legend and as we finished the boss my game crashed to desktop with no report. (This is the report it gave me after.
console-2021-05-22-22.31.01-c9e6a347-eec2-4fab-83fa-f228d5767510.log (2.7 MB)

First of all, so annoying putting an hour plus into chaos waste just for it to crash and make me gain 0 rewards, but second of all when I tried to relaunch the game it gave me another error, this time with this log,
console-2021-05-23-00.21.42-ecbe8ecc-f974-458b-a690-adce2f7b268d.log (6.6 KB)

After it not working i verified my game files (1 file was missing and reinstalled) but still when I launch the game it goes to the launcher, I click play and then boom error back to desktop.
console-2021-05-23-00.37.47-e4d03afc-01a7-431a-b5ae-d8c2373018f2.log (106.1 KB)

This is extremely frustrating.

Sorry to hear this. Could you try disabling all of your mods, including VMF, and then attempt to re-launch?

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