Chaos Wastes crash, again

On Citadel of Eternity, 2nd to last mission in the citadel. Good team, good game, ended abruptly during a horde with a sudden CTD. This is happening far too frequently. I’m trying to do challenges and get some decent chests to finish off my Unique collection.

Chaos Wastes fails half the time due to disconnects, or CTDs. The regular missions get stale, and playing legend to get books is getting stale, and half the time, I’m not getting the full reward even when I find a capable team. I’m going to have to take a break from this game. It’s getting too frustrating dealing with bugs. The only safe option is to avoid the Chaos Wastes entirely, and right now, I’m just bored of the Capaign. My friends won’t play because this game is rampant with issues like this. It gets stale doing the campaign all the time, and Chaos Wastes is buggy mess. (455.6 KB)


Sorry you’re having such a bad time in the Wastes, I can understand your disappointment. Please rest assured you should see a substantial improvement in the rate at which you crash/disconnect after our next patch.

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