Crash to Desktop on Chaos wastes

Ive had a few CTD during chaos wastes Legend maps. It occurred once today, and few times before.

Lost lots of legend chests because of this. Please fix it :frowning: my friends wont play the game till this is patched because they lost loot I uploaded the latest 3 logs I have found in my folder.

console-2021-07-15-19.28.26-842917e3-34f6-444b-a3dc-7d03e641e094.log (1002.2 KB)
console-2021-07-16-12.12.56-cc57ddbe-6849-48bf-9fb0-735f64bd4782.log (3.8 MB)
console-2021-07-16-13.46.40-bafe6b96-2da1-4dce-8638-4edfa757cee1.log (1.3 MB)


Sorry about this, we’re having problems solving this particular crash but the developer handling it has received a lot of new information so I’m hoping it’ll be included in our next patch. :frowning:

Thank you for working on it. It is all we can ask for.

Have a good weekend

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