Chaos Wastes, handful of crashes

They look to all have different causes for crashing, as far as I can tell.

console-2021-04-24-00.16.45-a48239d7-881d-4055-b701-dfab55324102.log (542.7 KB)

console-2021-04-25-23.55.43-b478dd15-9ca9-4f6c-bae7-1def71fc2908.log (3.3 MB) (558.5 KB) (304.6 KB)

Thanks for the crash reports! We’ll investigate.

Thanks for all your work! I’m sure it must be quite busy over there.

Got another crash, post Hotfix, wasn’t sure if I should make a new thread or not (or if that’d be too much clutter). Happened when we transitioned from the bubble in a level to the ‘world map’ iirc.

console-2021-04-30-01.02.46-f7f5d537-0ce4-49b4-bbe7-64beca29a74d.log (1.6 MB)

We also got a backend error on the very next run where my friend hosted, when we entered the bubble in Holseher’s tower, which very demoralizing. I think it was “Error Code: 1127”. This is his log: (423.1 KB)

Sorry to hear that @Visulth :frowning: I’ve also added these reports and logs to our database for our development team to dig into. Thank you for the reports!

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