Backend erros

Keep getting backend errors in chaos wastes and the main game.
Have missed two event rewards due to constantly running into these errors.
Sometimes I cannot even enter the keep.
Theres is no code number with error.
Edit: This still happened after verifying game files.

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Sorry to hear that. Could you share the URL to your Steam profile with me, so I can attempt to look up the errors?

sure no problem : Steam Community :: JimmyJimJim

I can see where your play has been disrupted but unfortunately the errors aren’t listed in the backend. Could you upload your most recent console logs instead, please? I can then pass them on to our Backend Engineers to look in to on Monday.

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console-2021-10-29-17.54.07-31e9c870-1d3a-489c-9abe-928d9741d1af.log (144.9 KB)
console-2021-10-29-17.57.06-5bde9868-4736-461f-a9d3-be8e6d801181.log (1.1 MB)

Heres the last two let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you

Thank you, I hope to have some more information for you next week.

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Got backend error finishing Righteous Stand.
console-2021-10-31-21.35.17-a4730d00-0cb4-496f-a2b6-7bfea764b03a.log (147.1 KB)

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