Crash to Desktop Last couple of days


I’ve had a couple of CTD’s last days (one during chaos wastes, one when in the lobby).
I believe these to be the related reports (but I’m not fully sure).

console-2021-04-27-15.58.03-620e9fbf-ecee-4064-bc02-128d1965c719.log (428.1 KB)
console-2021-04-28-18.31.35-e8bb9f97-6004-4724-b656-ad3aeade7354.log (498.9 KB)

This seems to be related to your GPU. A clean GPU driver re-installation can usually sort issues of this nature: [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

Thank you for the swift reply!

I’ll be giving that a try, I’ve also put “thread cores” to 4 instead of the standard 5 (5 is my max it seems).

Sadly had another crash to desktop today after setting thread cores to 4 instead of 5 and after clean installing my GPU driver.

Sadly it was just before the last mission of Chaos Wastes with no chance to get back into the same lobby/game.

I believe this is the error report.
console-2021-05-03-13.14.47-8f836cbf-a375-42e2-a86d-95c7a68361cb.log (3.0 MB)

This seems to be a different error than before.

Sadly had another CTD during a normal campaign mission, was just walking ingame when it happened.

console-2021-05-05-15.17.17-e9ed555d-f00f-43b9-8b5c-a5e85443b4bb.log (2.8 MB)

I believe the last 2 reports to be different from the first one.

Sorry for the delayed response @Nevlugion, I can see both crashes are code-related and are in our database pending resolution. Apologies for the inconvenience - I hope we can address this promptly.

Hey :slight_smile:
Just my two cents :

console-2021-05-05-21.17.13-52cccefe-49dc-4c7c-8d57-7c0aa6a60fff.rar (308.9 KB)
crash_dump-2021-05-05-21.17.13-52cccefe-49dc-4c7c-8d57-7c0aa6a60fff.dmp (668.9 KB)

Might be mod related, but you never know

Another code-related crash, we’re on the case! Sorry about that!

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