Crash to desktop in Chaos Wastes, crashlogs inside

My game crashed two times as a client in a Chaos Wastes match, different maps.

I have attached the .dmp’s and console_logs

These crashed to desktop without any error signs
crash_dump-2021-05-03-03.23.59-c0af44ba-146a-4f87-a9b3-46c8a6295146.dmp (671.3 KB)
console-2021-05-03-03.23.59-c0af44ba-146a-4f87-a9b3-46c8a6295146.log (205.4 KB)

These displayed an error sign
crash_dump-2021-05-03-02.40.53-b707fbf9-af76-4bb5-9b72-6dcc5b6b3888.dmp (640.0 KB)
Dropbox - console-2021-05-03-02.40.53-b707fbf9-af76-4bb5-9b72-6dcc5b6b3888.log - Simplify your life (file was over 6mb to upload it)

Thanks for your time!

Thank you for letting us know - we’ll have a look in to these!

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