PC Crashes Straight to Desktop since CW Launch

Ever Since Chaos Wastes was released my game has been crashing almost every game. It would crash straight to desktop and it’s hit or miss on Crash Reports, but i was able to get one.
GUID: db7c626c-2001-43e1-93ad-f96ee20e5da2
Log File:
Info Type:
[Crash Link]:
I’ve tried numerous methods like Reinstalling drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the game entirely, verifies file integrity, setting worker thread to 6. None have seemed to work the only thing i could find was it was to be fixed next patch. Next Patch later the problem still consists and i am unable to play. Thank you in advance.

Thank you for the crash report, I’ve had to add this to our database for investigation.

Sorry I don’t have any immediate solutions for you. :frowning:

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