Constant CW Crash to desktop

I use to never crash in this game but come CW I can’t finish a single run always crashes straight to desktop with no report. Here are the console logs please help if you can.

console-2021-05-15-02.26.40-a03b678e-7eb1-4efe-9a05-9f1362a5f9a2.log (133.5 KB)
console-2021-05-15-06.12.52-736c7827-2906-44a7-bb95-f1ab95bde564.log (539.1 KB)

Please disable the ‘Numeric UI’ mod, and see what happens. I believe this is a mod-related issue.

Edit: There appears to be some GPU instability too, but see how it runs without the mod to begin with.

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