Crashes after CW update in both modes

Been crashing a lot since the CW update and went through the steps to resolve issues like reinstalling drivers, verifying files, checking for corrupt files but still getting crashes with no crash reports.

console-2021-04-30-01.50.03-4b2c34de-0e07-4294-8727-9379d540bf6c.log (1.8 MB) console-2021-04-30-02.46.25-04bdf68c-f4e0-4bcd-b26f-76e4b8413096.log (765.9 KB) console-2021-04-30-03.03.49-f49d6775-ae6f-4360-9528-59632500f9d2.log (247.3 KB) console-2021-04-30-23.22.32-f20a929c-a035-4d8d-84cb-69c7af3265e5.log (642.3 KB)

crash_dump-2021-04-30-00.04.29-ef3f24d6-c14e-4a8f-a51f-5c2a45c9bdae.dmp (1.4 MB) crash_dump-2021-04-30-23.22.32-f20a929c-a035-4d8d-84cb-69c7af3265e5.dmp (1.5 MB)

This does appear to be GPU-related, at least from one of the logs. There are some other solutions to try here: [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

Hi Julia, found a solution! I just rolled back my nvidia drivers back to version 457.51

Thank you @BerkenStrips, really appreciate the update! I’ll keep this in mind for similar cases!

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