Multiple crashes today


I’ve had consistent game crashes recently, would love to know what’s going on and how to fix.

console-2021-07-30-19.39.06-21fd6245-5b04-4c06-b3e4-3a3f2296c8d2.log (273.0 KB)

console-2021-07-30-19.01.12-b736a386-f31f-4ada-b789-fe2255bab783.log (212.4 KB)

console-2021-07-30-18.37.02-22bef14a-3697-49ef-b6aa-ecf2cad92e6a.log (1.9 MB)

console-2021-07-30-18.17.07-982bace0-556f-4757-b49f-ee09c9eaaca5.log (252.4 KB)

console-2021-07-30-16.39.30-d5ade362-5baa-49cc-9277-cf903f9d4154.log (873.7 KB)

Hey Chad, most of these are GPU-related. One is code-related which we’ll need to look in to. I recommend having a look here: [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

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