Some random crashes

Some random unpredictable crashes, typically once or twice a night.

console-2019-08-27-01.27.18-9e47cc25-69b1-408a-b57b-4aa34b86004a.log (4.2 MB)

console-2019-08-31-02.09.37-a9cdf718-cab1-47d5-96ac-59a42f8fe05b.log (2.0 MB)

crash_dump-2019-08-31-02.09.37-a9cdf718-cab1-47d5-96ac-59a42f8fe05b.dmp (511.1 KB)

Based on the information within the logs, it appears your GPU is essentially disconnecting during play. Please perform a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here.

If the re-installation of your GPU drivers does not improve the situation, consider checking if one of your components is overheating. More information on how to do this can be seen here.

Additionally, if any of your components are overclocked, please disable your overclocks to see if the crashes persist. Unstable overclocks have been known to result in GPU crashes.

Other potential solutions include lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count down to 6, or switching your DirectX version. Both can be done within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu.

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