Game crashes a lot now with patch

Game is crashing a lot with the recent patch, before i had sometimes a crash when closing the game, but they didn’t harm as much as when they happen randomly during gameplay.

crash_dump-2019-04-14-10.13.40-40997bc5-cdf5-41b7-9bc9-8fba129575cd.dmp (527.8 KB)
crash_dump-2019-04-14-05.05.14-d697c5fa-7ca4-4a78-bb61-2b2252cbb987.dmp (490.8 KB)
crash_dump-2019-04-13-16.35.37-57f13311-da39-4b71-87e9-5647f0945715.dmp (395.8 KB)
console-2019-04-14-10.13.40-40997bc5-cdf5-41b7-9bc9-8fba129575cd.log (1.5 MB)
console-2019-04-14-05.05.14-d697c5fa-7ca4-4a78-bb61-2b2252cbb987.log (2.2 MB)
console-2019-04-13-15.31.55-8ea10822-b0cc-4b7b-b351-346dcdfc9229.log (476.0 KB)

Unfortunately your GPU appears to be crashing in every instance, please perform a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here.

Alright i have read someone downclocking his gpu in another thread and it seems to fix my crashes aswell, still it worked fine before the patch.

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