Game Crashing

Hello my game is randomly crashing while playing as well as on exit. Any advice on what I can do to resolve it? I just purchased this game yesterday and I’ve crashed numerous times.

I have verified the file integrity in steam and it did download a file, however the crashing has persisted.

GUID: 0bae1208-c816-4e05-90e8-b4701a074362
Log File:
Info Type:

Here are my logs:
console-2019-03-02-11.24.41-7A862A6D-B276-4493-88E7-F8D6.log (131.6 KB)
console-2019-03-02-11.29.50-3B695C33-CFFE-4E47-BAD3-03A6.log (188.5 KB)
console-2019-03-02-11.40.22-C1DAC571-31E6-46F5-8B02-F301.log (101.6 KB)

DxDiag.txt (96.1 KB)

Hello! We’re looking in to the crash on exit (which I can see via the ‘GUID’ provided) but unfortunately the console logs contain no other crash data to shed light on the crashes during play. Is there any others you could send over to me, please?

I also couldn’t help but notice that your GPU drivers are outdated - so please perform a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here.

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