Crashing mid-game

crash_dump-2019-01-12-10.38.28-16E54D1C-A163-47E8-8B3B-35BF.dmp (471.8 KB)
crash_dump-2019-01-12-10.50.36-DA1CD262-50BC-43C9-AB9C-D6D4.dmp (480.5 KB)
crash_dump-2019-01-10-08.44.40-691D99D1-7A87-448C-9A9C-A03A.dmp (452.5 KB)

console-2019-01-10-08.44.40-691D99D1-7A87-448C-9A9C-A03A.log (1.4 MB)
console-2019-01-12-10.38.28-16E54D1C-A163-47E8-8B3B-35BF.log (415.7 KB)
console-2019-01-12-10.50.36-DA1CD262-50BC-43C9-AB9C-D6D4.log (316.9 KB)

Hello! It seems you’re experiencing a combination of GPU crashes and Access Violations. Please perform a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers, and try running through the solutions listed here:

thx, will do, test for a couple of days and will update this thread

well i did everything suggested in the access violation troubleshoot link. windows files and RAM are fine, games file verification also fine, clean driver installation of latest drivers, was running fine for a couple of days but today it crashed again

crash_dump-2019-01-17-14.01.39-07614352-B773-4455-9275-CECC.dmp (461.4 KB)
console-2019-01-17-14.01.39-07614352-B773-4455-9275-CECC.log (222.3 KB)

I had huge issues with this as well. To the point that I was doing fresh installs of my drivers daily. What resolved the problem for me was to underlock my GPU using the gigabyte oc guru II program. I did it by -105 MHz, which was the maximum it would let me for my Nvidia GTX 770. I have never had a problem since.

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