Crash on Launch/Join/End of Mission

Hello there,

I have recently been experiencing crashes at various times (see title), even including some BSODs.
Some of the crash dumps and console logs are attached to this post.

I have tried a full system virus scan, clean GPU driver install, BIOS update, verifying steam files and clearing steam download cache.

Are any other files/is any additional information required?
I’m happy to receive any help I can get. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

console-2019-09-16-15.07.33-3cdc0b88-f856-4e9b-9dec-99f86a3110bd.log (626.1 KB)

console-2019-09-16-15.31.36-2473e6f3-9dcc-40a4-9d24-3a5bf5246255.log (20.8 KB)

console-2019-09-16-18.10.18-9a7d7a52-b91d-4833-b2de-514d48ccfcd7.log (106.2 KB)

crash_dump-2019-09-16-15.07.33-3cdc0b88-f856-4e9b-9dec-99f86a3110bd.dmp (521.7 KB)

crash_dump-2019-09-16-15.31.36-2473e6f3-9dcc-40a4-9d24-3a5bf5246255.dmp (541.4 KB)

crash_dump-2019-09-16-18.10.18-9a7d7a52-b91d-4833-b2de-514d48ccfcd7.dmp (508.9 KB)

Hey @QueenAnne, I’ve responded to your query via the Support Portal to request another crash report (my reply may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox). It would be super if we could continue the conversation there. :slight_smile:

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