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Sorry to hear about this Hydroes. How often do these crashes occur for you?

Um every game about two thirds of the way through. It happens every game and it wasn’t before the day I posted this. I verified my cache, I ran the benchmark where I got over 70 at all times if not 120-200. My GPU supports the game and is optimised to best play the game so I can’t see this being the cause. I was hoping you’d be able to help as I really enjoy the game. Thanks in advance.

Is your GPU overclocked by any chance?

The game consistently crashes for me with the same useless message when I’m hosting. Never when I’m joining.

Here are the logs when I crashed two times in one night - the first time when we killed Rasknitt and were going for the bubble, the second time is the last run in the log (Halescourge).
console-2019-01-04-23.47.41-0CF9D032-3C86-4A2E-B496-B3C9.log (414.4 KB)

console-2019-01-05-00.19.16-57796C5D-3031-41F1-A8B9-1086.log (915.5 KB)

Nope don’t overclock, my gear is usually more than enough by itself.

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