Hard crash 5x in 6 games today 11/02

console-2021-02-11-15.31.06-cd2b18ec-f05b-4bed-9bbf-267a50ae282b.log (386.9 KB) console-2021-02-11-15.56.45-efb310b9-4a71-49a0-829f-6ce4e50c2294.log (940.7 KB) console-2021-02-11-11.36.48-4c4a80b8-e788-42ab-8717-0ded039d4ffb.log (3.3 MB) console-2021-02-11-15.24.52-9f4dd6d6-583e-4640-9a4b-0c3095e629f3.log (664.3 KB)

Crashed 5x today despite playing yesterday with friends for hours without a problem.
I saw a small patch install today, maybe related?

Hi @Yoda,

Unfortunately I can’t see any crash data in those logs. Is your PC losing responsiveness when this occurs?

If so, I’d recommend running through potential solutions listed here:

The patch today only fixed a few minor bugs, and hasn’t changed anything fundamental, so I think it’s unlikely to be related.

Hi Lev

I just tested the game with only a few mods running and had no crash, maybe it’s related to some mods like I experienced before.

It’s weird there is no sign of a crash in the logs cause i send a report with a description in it each time one occured. Date & time of the crash report must be pretty much the same as the logs i sent in previous mail.

Ohh, interesting that it could be mod related. Which mods have you disabled?

Yeah, the console logs here unfortunately seem to cut off, and don’t include specific/helpful crash details.

Though, when you submit a crash report, if you are able to copy/paste the GUID string shown and provide that, then we’d possibly be able to dig a little deeper.

Hi Lev

In the meantime I played one game till the end without any mods so I thoyught it was related but even with all mods disababled I joined friends tonight just recently and experienced some crashes in the castle with me as host so we made another one host.
In those games I had a hard crash every single game, it threw me out in the first minutes so i installed easy anti cheat again, updated my GPU to an optional driver (I had the recommended), now checking integrity.
My last crash I copied the GUID:
GUID: 5b010458-c12f-4361-902f-9358d6f25716
Log File:
Info Type:

Hope there is some clarity in it since I have no idea what the problem can be, yesterday we played for hours doing weave maps all the time, today somthing must have been changed since all games but one crashed so far.

Just a sidenote, an update from Windows was installed last night, after going through the details of the update it seems some systems are experiencing this (realted to Discord but maybe broader ):

February 9, 2021—KB4601319 (OS Builds 19041.804 and 19042.804)

“Microsoft and Discord have found incompatibility issues with some games using Direct3D 12 when the in-game overlay feature of Discord is enabled. When attempting to open affected games you might receive an error, or the game might close silently.”
Dunno if this could be related to this issue/…


I’ve played 3 games today so far without any crash. Reinstalled C++, maybe that did the trick.
If any more occur I’ll let you know.

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Hi Yoda,

Thanks for the detailed information you’ve provided!

Good to know things are seeming more stable for you.

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