CW crash

Do you still need logs to the usual CW crash? Here you are one.

CW (420.1 KB)

This looks like more of a GPU-related issue, could you try updating your drivers? They’re dated back to August. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but no. A guy just wrote on Steam the new driver halved his FPS. And previous versions on the Nvidia page are even older than mine.
I rather skip CW. The crashes appear only there.

That’s understandable. 472.12 appears to be available on Advanced Driver Search | NVIDIA which dates back to September, which could be worth a shot should you change your mind.

Thanks, this is helpful. I downloaded the new version and didn’t experience much changes so far, but who knows?
Anyway after such a crash I always validate my files and steam always finds a corrupted file. I thought this my hardware issue only but I read on the Steam forums others have the same problem. That’s why I reported this crash.
It appeared roughly after the Geheimsnacht hotfix. Or I was just lucky earlier.

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