Constant Crashing on DX12

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DX11 plays fine for me but I want to be able to play on dx12. I use hardware above recommended specs, an i5-9400f and a rtx 2060. I have vsync on and my framerate stays consistent at 60fps (even during hoards) on high settings. Crashes usually happen during hoards and with alot of those hoards being beastmen. I’ve checked cpu and videocard tempatures using Hwinfo64 and they are good. Sometimes I can join a game midgame and finish and other times I crash from the first hoard from a new game. So far I haven’t been able to play a full game on any map on dx12. Above are two recent crashes I’ve had. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

We’re looking in to these DirectX 12-related crashes - apologies for the inconvenience.

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Good to know. Thanks

I have you tried uninstalling the graphics driver and then reinstall it with the “perform clean installation” box checked?

I’ve had some issues with recent nvidia drivers and when experiencing crashes I

  • Uninstalled current, crashy, driver
  • Installed previous, working, driver with “perform clean installation”.

Seem to have worked at least two times now.

Yeah some of the more recent nvidia drivers have been kinda jank with some games with crashing. I also had to tone down my gpu memory overclock as this game seems pretty good at crashing due to even slightly unstable overclocks where every other game would run perfectly fine.

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