Constant In-game crashes

This happens extremely fequently, and seemingly random times.
Intel i5 8400
Nvidia GTX 980
GPU Driver Version 445.87

GUID: 92d3447f-aa37-4b87-9180-098a2dbba245
Log File:
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Will try reverting to DX11, as it seems that seemed to fix crash related issues for someone else, will update if this fixes it.

If your using MSI afterburner’s in game overlay disable it, that has started crashing my game for over a week now lmao.

GUID: 9f85d327-4cbf-40c4-b1cc-982d5aed4892
Log File:
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another crash, DirectX12 MSI After burner on, going to play with a function called stealth mode in Rivia Statistics tuner, and see if this helps mitigate crashes.

I’ve Switched to DX11 and it SEEMS to have fixed it, although id still appreciate more insight as to why this was not happening before and is only happening as of recently. Will try running DX12 with After Burner Overlay disabled and see if this also is a factor in DX12 Crashing Vermintide 2

When did this start for you @MURDERATTACKKILL?

Also - try DirectX 12 with both Afterburner and RivaTuna disabled.

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so this is a recent thing, its been awhile since i played some vermintide2 and ive only just recently started playing again. So theres been some new patches from you guys, and also theres been some new GPU driver updates. Still trying to figure out exactly why these crashes are happening. I’m trying to consistently re-create it, but i cannot. My first suspicious was i thought the code hooking done by MSI AFTERBURNER was causing crashes due to conflicts with the Anti Cheat. However I just played like 2 full campaigns, with DX12 ON, and MSI afterburner ON, and NO stealth mode setting on either. (the stealth mode setting in msi after burner says it is for when anti cheats get false positives and it makes it use more complex methods of code hooking). but its just odd, im trying to recreate these crashes and theyre so random its hard to nail down exactly whats causing it.

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