PC Crash

GUID: 34e5e454-caaf-4c12-ba30-5850e51887e5
Log File:
Info Type:

Based on the information within the logs, it appears your GPU is crashing. Please perform a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers using the instructions here.

If the re-installation of your GPU drivers does not improve the situation, consider checking if one of your components is overheating. More information on how to do this can be seen here.

Additionally, if any of your components are overclocked, please disable your overclocks to see if the crashes persist. Unstable overclocks have been known to result in GPU crashes.

Other potential solutions include lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count down to 6, or switching your DirectX version. Both can be done within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu.

I ve make it run with DX12, finally. The Nvidia Overlay of the GeforceExperience, i ve turned it off and now even runs smoother than before, and no more crashes so far.

I hope this information will be useful to you.

Hi there.

I ve been doing some test and i find out that the game instantly crash running with DX12. I updated the graphics card drivers as you instructed and the issue still remains. I have an Intel update to be installed so im going to install it and trying to reboot the sistem to see if it works. The work threads im running right now are 5 because i ve reset the default graphic options and it was 5 instead of 6, but ive tried to run the game in DX12 with the 6 thread as you instructed and the game still crashes.

Ill post more information once the intel update is installed and the sistem is rebooted.

Hmmm okay, so the crashes only occur in DirectX 12, or have I misunderstood? :smiley:

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