Consistently Crashing to Desktop

I’ve validated the files through Steam. I’ve done a clean install of my GeForce drivers and I’ve set my thread count to six but, my game keeps crashing.

Any help is appreciated.

console-2021-02-12-02.25.26-b023a736-fd73-4ca8-b64d-88c26657e863.log (847.9 KB) console-2021-02-12-02.19.05-76d59bb5-dde9-4676-9e29-45d9e7b9e65f.log (438.0 KB)

I can see your GPU is crashing. I appreciate you’ve already tried reinstalling your drivers, but I’d recommend having a look at the other solutions in this article: [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

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Changing from directx12 to 11 seems to work so far but, it looks and performs worse.

Any idea why directx12 does this?

DirectX 12 can be a bit notorious for instability. I know that interference from other applications can be a problem for DirectX 12. Worth trying the ‘Disable Background Applications’ option mentioned in the article if you haven’t already. :smiley:

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After some independent testing, I’ve uninstalled from Vermintide and, have not had a crash under directx12 since. Can’t wait for Darktide.

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Nice work. Appreciate the update!

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