Randomly game crash to desktop without crash report

gpu drivers are up to date ( i try older one but dont fix the issue)
all mods deaktivated dont help, change dx version dont help
hardware temps are ok
i got only a crash dump file from the game

crash_dump-2020-04-25-07.39.20-6dc5ff0b-feb1-4838-8ae5-f2f286ae7fdb.dmp (551,2 KB)

Unfortunately the crash dump dates back to April.

ups sry may fault
crash_dump-2020-06-01-13.52.39-51e41bee-47fc-476c-95a2-3a59991721f0.dmp (604,6 KB)

Thank you, I’ve passed this on for analysis.

It appears you’re using a custom DXGI DLL, have you made any manual changes to your Vermintide 2 directory?

i use reshade but i had never any problems with

Well in this case it’s in that custom Dxgi.dll that it crashes. Try without reshade.

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