Semi-Frequent and Unpredictable Crashes

I upgraded my graphics card and installed a new CPU cooler a few weeks ago and have been experiencing unpredictable crashes since then that I can’t seem to figure out. Up until today it was always outside of missions (in the keep and in holseher’s map between chaos waste missions), but today I had my first few mid-mission crashes.

I have:
-verified integrity of game files through steam
-confirmed nothing is overheating
-done a clean reinstall of GPU drivers
-tried DirectX 11 and 12

I’m fairly certain it has something to do with the GPU, as that’s the only thing that changed prior to the issue occurring, but I’m at a loss for pinning down what’s causing it. Any help would be much appreciated!

Here’s the last several crash reports:

GUID: f65c02a5-71f4-4ebf-8b59-5863b790c64c
[Crash Link]: crashify://f65c02a5-71f4-4ebf-8b59-5863b790c64c

GUID: 094d3b78-65b9-4675-963c-145341b41984
[Crash Link]: crashify://094d3b78-65b9-4675-963c-145341b41984

GUID: ce798745-9eb0-436a-9caf-5d4733696e66
[Crash Link]: crashify://ce798745-9eb0-436a-9caf-5d4733696e66

GUID: c3fdf671-8c46-4ada-9539-4504a55b00ef
[Crash Link]: crashify://c3fdf671-8c46-4ada-9539-4504a55b00ef

GUID: 01621b15-d7e1-4067-8d9f-ff436de1f429
[Crash Link]: crashify://01621b15-d7e1-4067-8d9f-ff436de1f429

And attached are two console logs from sessions w/ crashes today:
console-2022-01-11-20.41.00-0f6d7ccd-cf6c-42aa-85fe-91821bb7e57b.log (1.1 MB)
console-2022-01-11-20.07.47-c17fb210-b7b4-4ca7-89c6-cc74386be3d4.log (1.4 MB)

Hi @Tauron,

All of the crash reports and your two recent console logs indicate a GPU-related crash.

It appears that you’ve already tried a few of our ‘go to’ suggestions, but I’d recommend running through (or re-running) each step in this article:

Just thought I’d update and let you know that I think I resolved it. I’m a little embarrassed, but it was as simple as turning some settings down from extreme to high. I wasn’t seeing heating or load spikes on CPU or GPU, but it seems to have done the trick.

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