Repeated crashes when finishing citadel of eternity (map before the finale)


So i got a crash at the citadel of eternity, my team had made it all the way through the map and were standing in the portal and the finishing process + map stats reward was coming up when it just instantly CTD´s.

crash_dump-2021-04-27-09.40.47-22366f3b-dfd2-437a-ad97-c39e8d9226c4.rar (164.9 KB)

console-2021-04-27-09.40.47-22366f3b-dfd2-437a-ad97-c39e8d9226c4.rar (464.6 KB)

This has happened to me a few times and two others in the lobby (friendlisted and chatted afterwards) told me they have had the same problem.

Please find a fix ASAP! A CW expedition is really damn long so crashing at the final moment is tilting beyond words, especially when you had a good team whom you knew you were going to win the finale with : (

Also, the Nurgle miasma curse is awful and isnt fun to play at all, even less so 3 times in a row.

Sorry Frosty. This will be patched soooon!


That´s FrostySIR to you!. :triumph:

Until a fix is launched at least, can consider being more mellow then.


Hey i got some more weird crashes for you.

I kept disconnecting from a guy who i supposedly had a good connection too and the others in the lobby had similar ping as i did. Then it wanted to host migrate me to someone or something who wasnt even in the group.

Name was just a row of numbers 111010120201 or such, but here’s the nice and long logs^^

console-2021-04-29-09.53.42-997f3e07-1064-4d76-9ad6-b2cf1ad34364.rar (729.8 KB)

oh and the description of the weapon trait regrowth is misleading or it is bugged, it gives THP and not normal health.

Also, if i find more bugs should i add them to my post with the list that has already been acknowledged or should i make a new one?

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