Crash on transition into final citadel

The friend I was playing with got dumped back to the keep, no migration, no recovering the run.

crash_dump-2021-05-12-17.40.56-3eca27aa-0076-44f4-8100-97743bb0fd84.dmp (604.4 KB)

21mb log, had to zip it. (1.1 MB)

21:22:11.296 [Lua] player (1100001034ed953,3) was put into party 1
21:22:11.315 [Lua] [GameNetworkManager] Created player game object of type 'bot_player' with go_id=23
21:22:11.315 [Lua] [GameNetworkManager] Created game object of type 'player_sync_data' with go_id=24
21:22:11.315 [Lua] [ProfileSynchronizer] 	Assigning peer(1100001034ed953:3) to profile(3) career(2)
21:22:11.871 <<Lua Error>>scripts/entity_system/systems/talents/talent_system.lua:39: attempt to index local 'talent_extension' (a nil value)<</Lua Error>>

Sorry about this, we’ll have it patched soon!

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