Chaos waste host crash, no migration, run lost

Had a friend host tonight, still had a host crash end a run early.

My log as a client: (673.4 KB)

Logs from the host:
console-2021-05-13-21.04.26-665a3fd7-4086-4f21-8e0c-6d4c971e6e66.rar (413.6 KB)
crash_dump-2021-05-13-21.04.26-665a3fd7-4086-4f21-8e0c-6d4c971e6e66.rar (145.5 KB)
vermintide2_launcher.rar (19.7 KB)

Checking his logs this seems to be the crash on loading the next zone:

21:57:51.809 [Lua] [GameNetworkManager] Created player game object of type 'bot_player' with go_id=22
21:57:51.809 [Lua] [GameNetworkManager] Created game object of type 'player_sync_data' with go_id=23
21:57:51.809 [Lua] [ProfileSynchronizer] 	Assigning peer(110000101765a0b:3) to profile(3) career(2)
21:57:51.974 [Lua] [MOD][VMF][INFO] Added 1100001034ed953 to the VMF users list.
21:57:52.316 <<Lua Error>>scripts/entity_system/systems/talents/talent_system.lua:39: attempt to index local 'talent_extension' (a nil value)<</Lua Error>>

Is this a mod or is this a regular error?

Same crash as the other one you posted :frowning: we’ll have it patched soon! Sorry!

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