Crash loading into final citadel, migration failed

Legendary run with a friend + 2 bots.

I was hosting; the application just vanished as soon as we finished loading.
We even got lucky and had it roll miasma (which imo is the easiest to deal with for that final area with such small mini arenas).

After I crashed I was still hopeful it would migrate and the run would be saved.


Friend’s client just got stuck loading. 0% cpu usage, it was doing nothing.

Both logs provided below.

My console logs:
console-2021-04-29-20.35.56-a0c3b0bd-ebc5-48b6-83b1-a1b1f70896f2.log (1.3 MB)

Friends console logs:
Val - (352.9 KB)

Certainly soured the evening.

Sorry about this. :frowning: This is a known issue, to be patched very soon.

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