Diamantine to plasteel conversion mechanic please

Seriously, I have two THOUSAND Diamantine, and no plasteel. Isn’t Diamantine supposed to be this holy, extremely rare crafting material? Then why am I practically tripping over the stuff, unable to find a large cache of plasteel to save my life?!? I would honestly take a two to one conversion exchange of Diamantine to Plasteel just so I can actually make some use of the stuff.


I would much prefer if we got some additions to the crafting system, on which we can spend diamantine (upgrading modifiers, learning blessings of choice, removing locks).

If two currencies have 100% overlap in their use and can just be converted into each other, there is no point in having both of them in the first place.


A fair point. It just sucks how much of a grind it is to get weapons ranked up. It sucks even more that there is no account wide armory, so you will have to upgrade duplicates of the same weapon to use it on all available classes.


They may as well turn all diamantine into plasteel and then remove diamantine from the game entirely.

For conversion ratios, I think 1 diamantine = 3 plasteel would be fair.

Alternatively they could keep diamantine, but give it a special use such as paying 50 diamantine to remove 1 lock on a weapon or trinket.

I suggested this solution a while ago (march).
Basically, quality upgrades (with rng/slot machine) should cost only plasteel.
Anything else (customization with 100% player agency) should cost only diamantine.

Both currencies would basically stay useful until you have a perfect version of all items.

Also, it would be nice to get some plasteel and diamantine when salvaging items.
This would allow us to also convert dockets to plasteel/diamantine via brunt.


Totally agree here…

And I already proposed it…

also proposed. Sure, you were busy to call me a liar and had no time to comment that…

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Multiple forum users have proposed these things on multiple occasions.
Yet not everyone reads every thread and afaik, we have not gotten any official acknowledgement of these ideas, so far.

I do not see an issue with bringing up solutions that have been proposed before, when a new thread emerges to talk about the same issue (that still has not been resolved).
I actually think that it is a good idea to do so, until we get official responses (and preferably an implementation of a viable solution).

Good ideas should repeatedly be presented, so that more people (and hopefully FS) get to see them.

I called you a liar when you lied. I do not see an issue with that either.
But this topic is not relevant to the current thread, so it should not be part of it.


Liar… I did not lie…

we have different opinions, and you don’t support that, that’s all.

Learn to discuss. Not everybody will agree with you… and if they don’t, you don’t need to be insulting (you used words as degenerate, liar, stupid etc.).
And you don’t need also to try to interpret posts of others… just read them, understand them and maybe you will stop to try to affirm things that you don’t have any proof or evidences as a truth and call others liars.

But you’re right… that’s not the same thread. But as I was answering you… it was free :smiley:

Also, your proposition is also off topic… don’t thank me, I have discovered it by reading the title…it says “Diamnatine to plasteel conversion mechanic please”.
Not, “New crafting system to get a perfect weapon”.

I totally agree with the OP. We also need to be able to salvage our weapons as a complement of this.

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A moth or three into V2 and we had mat conversions. There was this period where it was really hard to get the right ratio of blue to green tokens, and Fat Shark fixed it.

But there was a time people would grind low level stuff just to get the lower level mat they couldn’t get.

They dealt with this before!!!



At best, you have misrepresented the facts so hard that you might as well have been lying…

Hes also not the only person to call you out on it and call you a liar for doing so but what relevance does this have in this thread again? Oh right, none…

I could also point out the irony of you being the one to say that but I won’t since it’s irrelevant to the topic at hand. :slight_smile:


I also read the OP, not only the title.
My suggestion is an alternative solution to the problem that is mentioned in the OP, and also solves the issue with the current state of the crafting system not being in line with the official statements regarding what the crafting system was actually supposed to be (which is what the majority of the playerbase wants).

If you (and a few others) would stop misrepresenting and making things up, just to argue with people (or to defend a wrong position), it would really improve the quality the discussions on this forum.

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This thread is full of good ideas and constructive feedback! I hope it won’t be ignored like all the other suggestions to make Diamantine useful…

Btw similar topic - could xp beyond Lvl 30 be useful for something? There also have been a lot of good suggestions on this forum - my personal favourite earn Aquilas with post lvl 30 xp.

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No… your suggestion is just about your own agenda…

From what I’ve read, he said that he needs more plasteel and he has plenty of diamantine… I have the same problem…

Your wish to fix your problem has no link with the proposition.
He proposed to exchange plasteel - diamantine, you propose a way to consume diamantine.

From my understanding, he wants to be able to craft more weapons… cause he will need weapons for every character.

  • You, and surely several players, want perfect weapons…
  • others want to be able to get something good to play with and complain about the odds to get something good
  • others want their time be rewarded…

Stop lying… you have not collected the opinion of 90% of the player base. And no, the wish to get perfect weapons is not something that 90% of the players desperately wait for.

Btw, 3 different reasons… Can’t know which one is the majority… at least this time you did not say that 99% of the player base has this problem. Now it is only 90%…

You can leave now and go spread your bs somewhere else.

This is what OP said originally.
Guy spent all of his plasteel, but can not spend his diamantine on anything.

Edit: here is from the last time the guy lied about this exact same thing.

This is my original statement (that i made 8 days ago, in a completely unrelated thread), which he is referring to for some reason:

And his lie/misrepresentation as well as my response:

I am done with your lies and your BS.

Shut up and stop wasting everyones time.
You clearly can not stop lying, misrepresenting, and derailing reasonable discussions.
If you can not engage in a discussion without doing these things, please just keep your thoughts to yourself.


Last… won’t answer after that

But I agree with you that he pointed the lack of use to diamantine… However, your proposition does not resolve its own problem (lack of plasteel).

Yes it does…
If you can upgrade a single orange item to be good/great/perfect by spending diamantine, and no longer need to make tens of oranges of a weapon in order to get something good…
Pretty sure you won’t need as much plasteel as you do now.

But keep lying.
I am surprised you have not gotten banned for constantly stirring up this BS.

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This is why my joke about him being a Darktide dev’s alt account is getting less and less funny tbh. Dude keeps trying to stir sh*t up and generally contributing to a bad environment, which is a violation of the community rules, yet he hasn’t been banned.


It gives me a sense of, “I had to play 1000+ hours to get all I wanted so everyone else should have to too.”


@FatsharkCatfish responded to an earlier post of mine suggesting to add a crafting option to spend 1,000 Diamantine to remove a lock “temporarily” with the locks coming back again after another blessing or perk is modified. It was a specific response to one idea with a note that she’ll pass it along.

I know it doesn’t mean much, but something simple like that, which would be a sink for Diamantine and have a steep enough cost that it wouldn’t totally undercut the crafting grind, seems like it could have traction as improvement. People would be able to craft items to order, but it would have a steep cost and not grant total free rein to modify things. Feels like a potential compromise solution to me.

Fingers crossed.

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But it would grant free reign, no?
Of course it would come at a cost, but you would be able to change everything as often as you want (as long as you can pay for it).