Too much Diamantine, never enough Plasteel

So because of the horrific quality rolls and repeats for blessings in trying to farm all the blessings for weapons and because the amount of plasteel needed for EVERYTHING related, there is a very out of balance rate of use for plasteel and diamantine and the amount of plasteel both awarded and found in missions is woefully low in comparison to the amount of diamantine both awarded and found, and then used for consecrate and everything else.

Here are some solutions:
*Reduce the plasteel cost in the shrine of the omnissiah
*Increase plasteel award and pick up amount
*Have an exchange system of Diamantine for Plasteel
*Award some plasteel and diamantine along with Ordo Dockets when selling off weapons

These simple solutions, along with an adjustment on gaining blessings by keeping from getting so many repeats when trying to earn blessings, would help greatly and reduce the tedious grind that becomes such a turn off.


I have about 12k diamantine. I have no plasteel.

An exchange system would be the very basics, considering they ran into the exact same problem in their previous game.

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Here’s another idea… how 'bout the ability to buy ‘Premium’ base weapons from Brunt’s that are item level 360+ or so for 1000 Diamantine (or however much)?

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I don’t even know what to spend my stuff on.
Just like V2 mats gets useless after a while.
kinda wish there was a mat-dump with skins colors and fashion stuff


I agree, need an exchange.

This is about the 20th tim that this is being suggested.
So here i go again:

Everything that costs diamantine, also costs plasteel.
If we could convert diamantine and plasteel into each other, the exclusive use would be to convert diamantine to plasteel.
Diamantine would effectively cease to exist.

The solution is not to effectively remove diamantine, but to give plasteel and diamantine separate sinks.

Consecration: only plasteel
Modifier upgrades, lock removal…: only diamantine

Maybe we could, hear me out here, spend Diamantine to upgrade the percentile values of a weapon?
Oh! Oh! Maybe even let us scrap weapons for crafting resources!
Maybe even remove those stupid crafting locks too, while we’re at it!

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Honestly there is a lot of ideas for Diamantine.

-remove locks
-conversion to plassteel
-modify base stats
-upgrade a blessing / modifier by1 level
-special cosmetics
-pre rolled 370+ weapons
-better curios
-have a machine that takes diamantine and gives a buff for a mission

I don’t know man, I’m hoping the part 2 surprise is crafting improvements.


Tube makes me happy. Cube makes me sad.

I did notice that there’s been some attempt at easing the pain for holding all these sharp boxes, by making the diamantine weeklies give a bit more of a payout in Melk bucks, but it’s still the pits!

The imbalance has got me fiending like I’m looking for green dust. sniff sniff

I have a question: how do you spend all those resources?

ATM I have


Sometimes I get to buy and craft something just to give it a go but I have my weapons pretty much set.

I could try and roll them perfect but I don’t really feel the need to, it could just be a long term goal.

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I have 6 level 30 characters all vying for incrementally- and imperceptibly-better weapons of every flavor.

I have 4 characters at level 30 pre patch and took a break between the last weapon content drop and October.

I also work a 9-5 and like trying different weapons and builds now that I got most of my main weapons reflectively acceptable.

I also like doing public auric runs because I like the challenge which means depending on the party we don’t always have time to stop for resources even if we are killing at a fairly quick pace since some people want to go.

Granted I did get a large influx of resources when my 4 characters pooled their resources.

Also sone characters (Psyker) have a much more of a bear of a time rolling good staffs.

I don’t play as obsessively as most of the people here and am still trying to get one ‘orange’ of each weapon for all 4 classes with at least semi-decent (+365 base) stats and blessings.

I have 5 character at lvl 30 all in orange.

I try the weapons with a grey base to find the ones I like using the most, and once I decided on one I roll 'till one with good stats (365+) appears and then upgrade it to gold.

It happened just once that all 4 stats were bad, at least 2 are always good, and even if I get a level 3 blessing that I can work with it’s all good, it does not make such a huge difference.

I think if you are aiming for perfectin, it should be a hard achivement.

And if you want all the weapons all rolled perfectly, it should be even harder…

God if only.

Granted it’s harder to brick a weapon now than it was but I’ve still had it happen a few times.

That’s not even getting into curios. Even with the changes they are still mad annoying to acquire and even worse to work on.

Quite easily.

I spent much more than what you currently have, upgrading high modifier power swords in an attempt to get T4power cycler.
And that was just to get the blesskng. Not even a good weapon.

And that is just for 1 weapon on 1 character.
That‘s rng.

You can quite easily upgrade 80+ high lvl weapons before you get the blessing that you want.

The crafting system is just ridiculously bad.

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I’m constantly on zero plasteel because I’m fishing for blessings, and I’m getting pretty bad luck.

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