Plasteel Scarcity

FOR the LOVE of God Emperror PLEASE, allow us to exchange Diamantine for Plasteel (atleast 2:1)
Or allow Diamantine to be added additionally when consecrating a weapon to guarantee atleast a lvl 3 blessing.

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It seems like they can never get the ratio right. They managed to make diamantine even LESS valuable than before, astonishingly. Even back when diamantine was necessary to upgrade, it’s supply exceeded demand. Now the surplus is even greater for no apparent reason.

Gotta disagree with you on the Plasteel Scarcity, there are a lot of it now, just enough to upgrade to the last tier. But I would like to exchange Diamantine for Plasteel, too, there’s just not much of use for it now

I get almost 800 plasteel per damnation run but you need so much of it, and diamantine keep piling up.
Its like what? 400 plasteel to get a weapon from grey to blue?
Yet its so easy, allow diamantine to plasteel trade
Allow for diamantine addition to any crafting to make the outcome better

For the love of holy emperor instead diamantine against plasteel, let us scrap weapons for mats…

diamantine used to be the limiting factor for me but now it is plasteel, so yeah its pretty weird

I support this idea…

Also, as the new refine screen has been done… please stop the loss of focus of the perk… and even, maybe you (FS) could fix the problem we have with refining when we reach the no cost:

  • or you keep replacing the perk with T4 perk
  • or give us a list where we pick the perk we want…

On my psyker I’m sitting on 6k diamantine and less than 1k plasteel

Yeah. Within 2 months of its release, VT2 got the dust-conversion update. We’re still waiting to make use of the truckload of diamantine every Damnation player has accumulated.

This is FS we’re talking about so increased chance for T4 perk every time you roll past max cost is probably the best we could hope from them.

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