We need the ability to convert diamantine to plasteel

I’ve seen people mention this as far back as the beta but I figured it should be brought up again because of the recent changes to the crafting system. They dramatically increased the amount of plasteel that drops in the higher difficulties, but at the same time crafting ratios have not changed and a huge emphasis has been placed on crafting items up from white or green because that is the most efficient way to unlock new blessings. Low level crafting exclusively uses plasteel and no diamantine at all, so the end result of all this is going to be a huge surplus of diamantine that you can’t spend on anything. This imbalance is even worse for players like me who have already put hundreds of hours into the game, as my inventory currently stands I have 109 plasteel and almost 8000 diamantine.

All they need to do is use Vermintide 2 as a successful working example and give us a way to trade diamantine for plasteel the same way we can trade in orange dust for blue and green dust.

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