Diamantine to plasteel conversion mechanic please

Outside of the RNG around the base stat distribution, yes it would but don’t let them know that


Let’s see if he’ll keep his word this time (aka not lie about this too)

Yes, you’d still need good base items and good blessings in your library, but it would let you build an item from all the individual pieces you have. It would provide a way to avoid bricking good base weapons.

1,000 Diamantine is probably 3-4 damnation runs, which is is 2-3 hours of game time assuming no fails just to unlock one lock.

I have 350 hours in game and with the shared currencies I have a have 10,000 Diamantine stockpiled. With two locks per weapon I’d be able to fully customize 5 weapons once. Hardly seems like it would break the grind but it would do so much to give me the chance to test out things I’ve been chasing. And it would give me motivation to play more because my grind would actually go towards a defined achievable purpose instead of just more RNG slot machine pulls.

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:scream: :point_up:

Inquisitor Grendyl will declare you Excommunicate Traitoris for this blasphemous approach… Your very existence will be deleted from the annals of Imperial history… U will be banished from the Imperium and the light of the benevolent Emperor of mankind… Traitor…

:rofl::rofl::rofl:… Joke aside, I like that idea, but we both know that will not happen… Not before the emperor himself walks among us :sweat_smile:


Too much off topic, more +1s to diamantine to plasteel options please.

I’ve been out a long time, so my stock isn’t what some of you have, but I have about 6000-8000 diamantine and about 40 plasteel.

Well, this discussion got out of hand lol. Guess this is just kinda the current climate of the game…

I would actually settle for refunding crafted weapons we don’t want back into plasteel.
Or as you say, conversion (as well as the above).

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