Dev Blog: Into the Maelstrom

Locking parts of the equipment is still kinda EH.
DRG doesnt need this system and it still works as a game.
This is DEFINITELY a good step forward.

Now, when do you improve blessing acquisiton system?


We are aware that the changes mentioned above do not give unrestricted freedom to all aspects of an item. To do so would have a big impact on item acquisition in Darktide, and we want to explore different paths further down the line.

Yes, people would be able to play the builds they actually want. Terrifying prospect indeed.

Frankly, time for exploration is over. The crafting has been a pain point since November 22.

I need to say, that the fact that we are still dealing with blocks and half-random map selection is a big turn-off for me.


Better than expectes for sure. Why not communicate some of it earlier?

I see that we still want to keep the locks, although with a minor change. That’s a shame.

I might revisit the game if we see that change. I doubt I’ll fire it up before that though. Some of us prefer playing the game instead of spending time on inventory management.


This is…honestly better than I expected.

Locks still need to be destroyed utterly, but this mitigates the problem - I know I often get better perks than I do blessings, and being able to pick perks without restriction is neat.

The mission board was never much of an issue for me, being a Malice/Heresy scrub, but an extra board for level 30s? Perfect, fits lore-wise, and would give me more stuff to do. Also like Quickplay being a thing.

Universal currency is completely unexpected but is enough for me to go reinstall in and of itself because FINALLY I don’t have to feel like I’m wasting time on my classes. Please implement merged contracts with Melk though.


I’m excited to see where crafting goes in the future. OP said they wanted to explore more options to add more modify slots to a weapon. Probably a high-cost consumable you can earn that will add a new modify slot to an item (or something like that)?

Give it to me as a reward for completing maelstrom missions! (Love the idea of the maelstrom/auric missions as well BTW!!!)


Fine with everything…

I would have loved that they increase a little the rewards from missions like that:

  • Uprising from 195 to 300
  • Malice from 300 to 600
  • Heresy from 600 to 900
  • Damnation from 900 to 1200

Except than that… I was expecting that locks can’t be removed entirely as it would make useless resources, shops, crafting…
Tbh, I don’t think that the new system will really change anything for weapons. But for curios, the change is really welcome.
As I said, we can get what we want… by spending lot of time in the game.

I fear that these changes miss the most important problems:

  • time needed to craft something (this is something that impact any normal player or casual)
  • the possibility to get a 370+ weapon

I proposed a long time ago that, about this, this could be corrected like that:

  • about weapons in shops
    • a minimum for weapons global modifiers of 340 for all shops when you’re level 30 (normal shop, Brunt’s armoury, Melk’ shop)
    • there should have a system that grant you a 360+ weapon after 5 purchases and a 370+ guaranteed after 10
  • about the resources, the possibility to:
    • buy and sell plasteel diamantine with ordos
    • exchange plasteel and diamantine
    • dismantle weapons to get plasteel diamantine
    • upgrade a locked blessing (but not changing it)

I really don’t care of the method applied (= there are surely other ways to fix the problems I mentioned above)… but FS, fix this damned problem in your game. You have lost lot of customers, at least correct this to allow the player base to increase again.


I’m not going to bother going line by line. I’m sure I could nitpick or whatever. My verdict is:

The changes are, all around, good
Key things that were asked for were delivered

It sets the stage nicely for the future of Darktide.



Absolutely fantastic changes. Much more than I was expecting, especially on the mission side – amazing stuff there.

The only remaining point of annoyance that immediately comes to mind is Blessing acquisition remaining as near-fully RNG-based, everything else honestly seems like it will be more or less fine now and the game will become so much smoother to work with on the equipment side. Thanks for finally listening to all of the feedback.


I have not played this game for six months due to the horrible crafting system.

Very disappointed to see that locks are still being kept. They need to be gotten rid of entirely. It has been the community’s #1 issue since crafting was released and this feels like doubling down on it. Sure, it’s a step in the right direction, but what we need is an entirely different path.

I suppose I’ll check back in another six months…


lol. Good god just get rid of the locks. I don’t understand what’s wrong with you guys. The community has literally been begging for it and you’re just like, “Eh here’s a little teaser of that.” It makes absolutely no sense.

The rest of the update sounds okay though. Not enough to make me come back but I’m sure people that are still playing will appreciate it a little.


Can we get a new class released? I would love to see a new class after all the changes to existing systems they’ve been putting out. The new maps are great, 10/10, but I want a new class to experience it all with.


Might I suggest better rewards for those missions? flat % increase to materials/dockets is rather dull
why not cosmetics that cost dockets or discounts for your “premium” shop(in limited quantity 2-3 per account as to not frustrate the player)

This is awesome, really happy to see this change and hope the Maelstrom missions are insane! I do think Maelstrom missions should have increased crafting rewards, as most players won’t find the increased XP that useful.

A change I suggested awhile ago, I’m very happy to see it finally implemented.

While this should’ve been implemented with the launch of the crafting system or at least sometime earlier it’s good it’s making its way into the game. Thank you reroll until rarity for your service.

RIP Perk selection, you were fun while you lasted. While its a better change overall, I still wish there was something MORE. Even a ludicrous Diamantine cost to be able to change 3 out of 4 would have been nice. I won’t say this is a bad change and I’m happy to see it, but hopefully we see more changes in this direction in the future.

As a person who likes to switch between all 4 classes, thank you for this. I am very happy to finally see this change come in and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Now I won’t feel like I’m “wasting time” on classes where I already have gear I want.

While I believe most of these changes should’ve come far sooner, I am happy to finally see them. I am especially excited for the Auric level mission boards (when do I get my special ammunition?) and a unified account wallet. Crafting is taking a baby step in the right direction. While not everything I wanted to see this has me overall feeling a lot better about the game in it’s current state.


I would bet money the current RNG system is the product of some idiot manager who insists upon it remaining in the game and only after months and months of arguing and dropping player count is he bending even slightly, cultivating some adversarial relationship with the player base and viewing them as entitled.

Maybe Ralendil’s the guy’s alt account lol


@FatsharkCatfish Question, since the currencies are going to be account based and not character based does that mean the cap for each currency is going to be increased? Right now melk point cap is 100k and ordo docket is 5kk, don’t know about the plasteel and diamantine cap. That mean that people still playing are going to lose a lot of their currencies if the cap is not increased… could we have info on that? or are we gonna need to spend our currencies before the patch so we don’t lose them? because of the cap?


I expected nothing at all from you when it came to crafting, and yet you manage to dissappoint.

This is incredibly and embarrasingly bad, FatShark.


For players below level 30, can these players play difficult mutation missions to gain experience?

If not, what’s the point of having high experience rewards?

For players who have reached level 30, can experience be further upgraded? Or can experience be converted into gold coins? Or can experience be translated into forging materials?

If not, what’s the point of having high experience rewards?


Not happy about locks, happy about missoin board and wallets. Okay FS, 8/10 plans. Thank you @FatsharkCatfish for the good news!


This is bollocks on top of being too little too late.
Thanks for nothing.


To be fair, Catfish, a big impact on item acquisition is exactly what all of us have been specifically requesting for the past seven months. We were hoping for a big impact on item acquisition, because that’s specifically the biggest pain point this game has.

All of these other changes are great. Adding a whole second mission board for hardcore players is a brilliant idea. Shared currencies was, and has been, a no-brainer. It’s good that you guys eliminated rerolls on perks because, as has been displayed over and over again, that’s been an utterly ridiculous embarassment on Fatshark’s end.

But the locks stay? Really?